Talent, Skill and Broad Horizons

Co-Executive Chefs Erin Nichols and Maggie James combined
decades of life and business experience with recently earned formal
certification in Culinary Skills and Food Handling Safety to lay a
solid foundation for Maggie J’s.

Inspired by the best

Maggie and Erin were inspired by Algonquin Chef Professors from
all walks of culinary life – among them, a former Executive Chef of the
Parliamentary Restaurant, the fine dining guru who designed the menus
and kitchens at half a dozen of Ottawa’s most prestigious restaurants,
and the Head Pastry Chef at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

These mentors and others introduced them – literally – to a world of
culinary traditions
, techniques, flavours and delights which they
are determined to share with you!

Putting the pieces together

Chef Maggie laid to rest a career in journalism, publishing and graphic
arts that spanned more than three decades to plunge into the food
service industry – her first love. As the former owner and operator of
several small businesses, she has an acute understanding of what it takes
to excel in a service-oriented enterprise: provide quality products, meet
your commitments, and put the customer first.

Chef Erin similarly left behind a 20-year career in networking and
data communications to “make it official”. A longtime serious amateur
cook, she felt an over-whelming urge to ‘go pro” and spread her culinary
wings. The fact that her dad, Jim, was a Master Baker for more than
40 years might have had something to do with it. After all, he did shake
her out of bed many a morning at 4:30, to go in with him and make the
community’s daily bread. Hundreds of loaves of it.

The sky’s the limit

Erin and Maggie are once again hauling themselves out of the sheets
before sun-up, preparing your Daily Bread and Rolls, Smoked
, BBQ Favourites, Classic Roasts, Sandwich Selections,
, and delectable Fruit, Veggie, Cheese and Sweets Trays.

In future, they plan to open their own Deli/Bistro, where they’ll expand
their array of Hand Made Smoked and Cured Meats, Sausages,
and Rolls – and Whatever Treats Strike Their Fancy.
And their palettes.

And don’t be afraid…

…To suggest potential additions to their menu. You never know…
You just might get a dish named after you!

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