Labour Woes Loom For McDonald’s

Not Lovin McDonalds - ©

Remember, a while back, when McDonald’s workers and their supporters protested demanding higher wages and better working conditions? The protesters’ slogan was ‘We’re Not Lovin’ It’. Now, McDonald’s workers are preparing a massive protest this coming Tuesday, over the lunch hour…

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Fast Food Week!

Harvest Chicken Salad - Wendys - © 2018 Wendys

Fast Food news this week comes from the Sandwich Sector: Taco Bell with a new Tortada, Wendy’s with a pair of give-away deals on its ordering app, Arby’s testing new Beer-infused Meats and Cheese, and McDonald’s launching bottled Frappés in competition with Starbucks…

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Watch Out For Higenamine!

Higenamine Supplement - ©

It’s a popular ingredient in some dietary supplements and, though it’s a banned substance under international sports doping rules, it’s use is still widespread in sports ‘energy drinks’ and weight loss products. The problem is, high doses can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems…

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Resto Dining Takes a Dive

Blue Apron Box - ©

Recent market research figures show that restaurant dining has taken a serious hit over the past 18 years. Even Fast Food legends such as McDonald’s are concerned as home-dining options continue to own the headlines, and food prices and operating costs continue to rise…

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