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Obesity News Update: Recent Scientific Findings

One thing the Internet has done in just the past few years is to make the fruits of learned journals available to lay readers, often translated into plain English. A scan of these sources reveals a wealth of new scientific findings on the Obesity Epidemic…

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McDonald’s To Reduce Antibiotic Use In Beef

In a move echoing its previous commitment to eliminate the use, in raising its Chickens, of antibiotics that are important in treating humans, McD’s has announced it will embark on a multi-year project to at least reduce the use of the drugs in raising its Beef…

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Oversized Restaurant Portions A Cause Of Obesity?

This past year has seen many new theories come to light about the causes of, and possible treatments for obesity. It’s generally agreed that obesity is a scourge of modern civilization and it continues to resist all attempts to rein it in… Until now? Alas, I think not.

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Fast Food Week!

Another Saturday, another edition of Fast Food Week! This time we’ve got a pair of Yuletide specials from Burger King and KFC, neither of which involve edibles. There’s also flurry of beverage deals from Starbucks’, Dunkin’s and Nescafé. And a unique vending machine concept…

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What Do You Call The Last Slice Of Bread?

Okay… Friday Fun Time: What do you call the last slice of bread? After a dispute with a friend, British actor Stephen Mangan asked his Twitter followers what they call the last slice – the very end – of a loaf of Bread. He was astonished by the feedback he got…

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Cultured Protein Makers Aim High – Attempt Wagyu

I feel vindicated. Sort of. Some time ago, I predicted that animal proteins would eventually become too expensive and too environmentally unfriendly to produce, and we would see them become high-end treats, made in relatively small amounts by artisanal growers….

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