A Fat-Burning Switch In Your Brain?

Yo-Yo Tape - © firnessforhealth.org

Have you ever gone on a diet and lost the weight – only to have it all come back soon after you went off the diet? I have. More than once. Now, however, science has discovered what might be called a fat-burning switch in the brain that could potentially end this frustrating, disappointing yo-yo situation…

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Fast Food Week!

Egg on Big Mac - © Isai Rocha via FoodBeast

It’s that time again. Time for our weekly roundup of ‘quick service’ and ‘take-out’ food industry news. Arby’s is (re)launching a trio of classic Sandwiches for spring, Subway is trying a high-end approach to breakfast, and there’s news of a new addition you can request on any McDonald’s Sandwich…

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