Wild Turkey Close-up - © tpwd.state.tx

You’ll probably have heard about people who’ve experimented with feeding fermented silage to livestock – even beer, itself, in the case of at least one ‘artisan’ Pork producer – claiming the alcohol makes the meat sweeter, juicier and more tender. Well, there’s now a guy trying it with Turkeys…

Supermarket Shelves - © 2004 lyzadanger-Diliff via Wikipedia Commons

Welcome to another installment of Supermarket Dirty Tricks. Today, we’ll look at a practice that permeates the supermarket retail sector. It is nothing less than a conspiracy between manufacturers and retailers to influence your purchasing habits. And, no – It’s not just ‘advertising’!

Diet Soda Kid - © blog.fooducate.com

Here we go again. A new round of industry surveys and public opinion polls has revealed that an increasing number of Pop fans are abandoning diet soft drinks. It seems that many people still believe artificially-sweetened fizzy drinks are unsafe, in spite of a flood of solid medical studies to the contrary.

Baked Squash - © 2008 elanaspantry.com

We’ve already covered the traditional squash casserole, in the form of a purée with a crumble crust on top. It’s a great traditional Festive Side, but it’s not the only way to enjoy Winter Squashes. And the casserole is on the sweet side, so let’s learn to make a savoury Squash dish!

Spaghetti Pie - © divascancook.com

Here’s a dish I first heard about on a FOOD Network show, then traced back to classic Italian cuisine… Spaghetti Pie! It’s a cross between the Spaghetti and Sauce you’re used to, and a Baked Zitti, but with some interesting added details and flavours. And it’s easy!

You’ve no doubt heard about all the medical school studies showing that nuts – nuts of all kinds – are good for you and can actually reduce your chance of suffering some diseases. Now, you can add cancer to the list of dreaded conditions that nuts may save you from…