Baked Squash - © 2008

We’ve already covered the traditional squash casserole, in the form of a purée with a crumble crust on top. It’s a great traditional Festive Side, but it’s not the only way to enjoy Winter Squashes. And the casserole is on the sweet side, so let’s learn to make a savoury Squash dish!

Spaghetti Pie - ©

Here’s a dish I first heard about on a FOOD Network show, then traced back to classic Italian cuisine… Spaghetti Pie! It’s a cross between the Spaghetti and Sauce you’re used to, and a Baked Zitti, but with some interesting added details and flavours. And it’s easy!

You’ve no doubt heard about all the medical school studies showing that nuts – nuts of all kinds – are good for you and can actually reduce your chance of suffering some diseases. Now, you can add cancer to the list of dreaded conditions that nuts may save you from…

Green-Bean-Casserole - ©

Remember, long, long ago, when you were little? And you used to go to Grandma’s house for festive meals with all your aunts and uncles and cousins… And you had things there that you never had at home… Magical things like Creamed Onions and one of my all-time faves: Green Bean Casserole!

Cooking Oil Key - © 2010

I just read an online post (which apparently was written by someone getting paid by the word) purporting to tell foodie surfers which oils to use (and not use) for each of eight different cooking methods. Actually, all you need to know is which of three oils to use in every aspect of your cooking and baking…