Actually, ‘caffeine withdrawal syndrome’ has been added to the official encyclopedia of mental illnesses. Which means that the folks who get to decide such things have, de facto, elevated caffeine to the same ‘disease’ status as nicotine, alcohol, marijuana and mild-altering drugs.

Paula Deen Finishing Butter

Yup, y’all! Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed Queen of Southern Cuisine – and butter – is in the news again. Now, she’s launching a new line of ‘finishing’ butters. Does that send mixed messages after her recent diabetes diagnosis and dietary disclaimers?

Yer hasic Hot Dogs - ©

A front page poll this morning on Yahoo! Canada asks readers if they believe there is such as thing as a ‘healthy’ Hot Dog. Two-thirds of poll respondents so far say ‘NO’. But, as we’ve seen, in previous posts here on the FFB, ‘healthy’ is relative.

Subway bag - © Subway Restaurants

Which fast food restaurant’s take-out bag would you be most embarrassed to be seen walking down the street with? That’s the question a Subway survey recently asked more than 1,000 people. Some said they’re be proud to be seen with certain brands…

Ghost Pepper

We previously brought you news of an ill-starred chef from London, UK, who made a supercharged hot sauce from the potentially deadly Ghost Pepper and nearly died tasting it. Now, a student at a U.S. high school has tried to do him one better – again, to the perpetrator’s own dismay…