Grab the ketchup bottle! We’re taking a joy ride on the Toasted Cheese Express! We’re not only going to look at new things to put in them, but new ways to cook them. And I guarantee everything we make today will be great with our beloved Red stuff!

Salmon Smoking Ancient 2

Celebrate smoking! No, not the disgusting hand-to-mouth habit that involves tobacco or other questionable substances, but the unique ages-old process of cooking, flavouring and preserving food via exposure to low, slow, smoky fire!

Well Behvaved Kids discount

I just have to pass this one on to you! An eatery in the Washing state town of Poulsbo is offering a “Well Behaved Kids” discount to family dining groups. Now, that’s just about the most creative restaurant marketing innovation I’ve heard of in years!

Alright, now, class. Repeat after me: “WUSS-tur-shur”. Very Good! That’s the way it’s supposed to be pronounced. There is no “Chester” (or “Cester”) in “Worcestershire”. The quirky condiment is actually named after the County in England in which it is said to have been invented.

Sticky situations demand slick solutions. Or, at least, some kind of… release! There are a number of ways to ensure that your favourite dishes don’t stick when you try to take them out of the pan, each appropriate to the pan you’re working with.