Here’s a Middle Eastern favourite that I think remains grossly under-rated in other parts of the world. It’s a distant cousin of Felafel and Italian Arancini, and a kissing cousin of Turkish Kofteh and, yes, even Scotch Eggs! But it has its own distinct character and it’s really easy to make.

Tims & BK Merger - ©

A recent column in the business pages suggests that Tim Horton’s – a Canadian institution – may suffer serious corporate predations and humiliations under the ownership of Burger King and, by association, BK’s master, a shadowy holding company known only as 3G…

Fresh Pasta - ©

Here’s a skill any truly serious aficionado of Mediterranean food must master to claim the title ‘Master’: Making Fresh Pasta! While the end result is, to some, almost magical, good, handmade fresh pasta is really easy and quick to make and can be used in a whole galaxy of great comfort food recipes!