Waist Size Predicts Heart Disease Risk

We may have suspected it for some time, but, now, there’s hard scientific evidence to support the notion that large waist and hip size correlates directly with a higher risk of hart attack – particularly in women. And it appears to be a better indicator of potential cardiac danger than obesity by itself…

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Fast Food Week!

McDonalds Szechuan Sauce - © 2018 McDonalds

Time again to run down the the top stories from the Fast Food sector over this past week… Taco Bell is powering along as usual in the wake of the loss of their hot-shot CEO, KFC is facing another UK shortage, and Dunkin’s is hijacking Girl Scout Cookie Month’s hyper-hype…

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McD’s Evicts Homeless Man

Not Lovin McDonalds - © nowiseeclearer.com

There are two sides to every story – at least two, I say. And this story from Myrtle Beach, SC, definitely does have two. It involves a homeless man who was treated to lunch by a Good Samaritan only to be kicked out by police at the request of the management. So what really happened?

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