Traditional 4th Of July Foods

Red, White and Blue ,Tiramisu' - ©

It’s the Fourth, folks! Time for our American friends to celebrate their Declaration of Independence, and, traditionally, a time for families to get together for food and fun. In honour of the occasion, allow me to present my compendium of most popular, most beloved, most iconic 4th of July Foods!

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Seniors Aging In Place Going Hungry?

Veggie Heart - © unknown

There’s an epidemic scourging our elderly loved ones who are ‘aging in place’, or staying in their own homes rather than going into assisted living arrangements. ‘Food insecurity’ is a stealthy villain that can sneak up on those unaware of or unable to protect themselves from poor eating habits…

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Fast Food Week!

Jell-O Play and Eat Kit - © 2018 Jell-O

Snack News tops the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) headlines this week, with contributions from Taco Bell, Dunkin’s, Planter’s and Pringles. Starbuck’s expands its breakfast menu – in the UK. And Wendy’s, Burger King and Church’s Chicken make another trip to The Smokehouse…

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