Paula Deen Finishing Butter

Yup, y’all! Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed Queen of Southern Cuisine – and butter – is in the news again. Now, she’s launching a new line of ‘finishing’ butters. Does that send mixed messages after her recent diabetes diagnosis and dietary disclaimers?

Yer hasic Hot Dogs - ©

A front page poll this morning on Yahoo! Canada asks readers if they believe there is such as thing as a ‘healthy’ Hot Dog. Two-thirds of poll respondents so far say ‘NO’. But, as we’ve seen, in previous posts here on the FFB, ‘healthy’ is relative.

Subway bag - © Subway Restaurants

Which fast food restaurant’s take-out bag would you be most embarrassed to be seen walking down the street with? That’s the question a Subway survey recently asked more than 1,000 people. Some said they’re be proud to be seen with certain brands…

Ghost Pepper

We previously brought you news of an ill-starred chef from London, UK, who made a supercharged hot sauce from the potentially deadly Ghost Pepper and nearly died tasting it. Now, a student at a U.S. high school has tried to do him one better – again, to the perpetrator’s own dismay…

3D-Printed Food - ©

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Sorry, Captain Picard – not just yet. But NASA has bestowed a $125,000 grant upon Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC), of Austin, Texas, to build a prototype of its ‘3D Food Printer’ which could be used to ‘print’ earth-like food for astronauts on long space voyages – say, to Mars.