Scalloped Potatoes - © 2012

A classic accompaniment to roasted Ham, Scalloped Potatoes / Potatoes Au Gratin (hereinafter referred to as SP/PAG) is a classic comfort food most of us remember from our childhood Sunday dinners.

The Cabbage Family

Aside, perhaps, from the Peerless Potato and the Omnipresent Onion, no vegetable can claim to be a staple of more and more-varied cuisines than the Clever Cabbage! From Korea to Krakow, the Cabbage is central to a cornucopia of exciting mains and side dishes.

When you come across the word “Mustard”, do you still think automatically of the bright yellow saucy condiment that’s primarily used on Hot Dogs? Read on. I’ll open your eyes and tantalize your taste buds!

Eggs Benedict

Like their Cousin, Mayonnaise, Hollandaise and Bernaise are more about mastering a technique than following a recipe. Like Mayo, they are made by whipping egg yolks with fat. Unlike Mayo, they are prepared hot and may be served hot or cold.

Subway "Footlong" an inch short - © Matt Corby

Who among us can truly say they have not been touched, in some way, by the week’s most scandalous food story? I refer to the post by a Subway fan “down under” showing that his “footlong” sandwich came in at only 11 inches.

Classic Caesar Salad

Okay, now. Before we get into the intricacies of making a genuine Caesar Salad, let’s clarify the origins of this ubiquitous dish. It is not an ancient Italian classic, reputed by some to have been Emperor Julius’ last meal…