Cooking Fat facts - ©

So, I read this online article recently about how you can make fried foods healthier, see? And I got to thinking, isn’t this all, pretty much, common sense? And I asked myself if part of the problem with people not eating healthfully these days has more to do with lack of knowledge than lack of caring…

Paula Deen: Extorted! - © Michael Wright - WENN.jpg

Yep, Y’All! Southern cooking doyenne Paula Deen recently made her first public appearance following a season of scandal over claims of racial discrimination by a former employee at her Savannah, GA, restaurant… And she came back to thunderous applause!

Flour Tortillas - ©

Hola, amigos! Time to tackle one of life’s little cooking mysteries… How to make your own Tortillas! And I mean both Wheat Flour and Corn Masa styles. You’ll be ready for anything! And it’s easier than you think…

Basic Bread © 2013 Maggie J's Catering

!f there’s one thing everyone who’s interested in cooking should know, its the basics that go into making a good loaf of bread. It’s not complicated and it’s not hard – especially if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook!

Tang Orange Drink Crystals - © Kraft Foods

I just read a really annoying and alarming article about ‘fake’ foods that we see and eat every day. No, we’re not talking about plastic fruit. But, yes, it goes much further than artificial sweeteners, margarine in place of butter, non-juice fruit flavoured ‘drinks’ and ‘plastic cheese’…

Epi-Pen in use

First it was defibrillators in public places, in case someone suffers a heart attack. That’s a good idea. Bur, now, allergy advocates are calling for all restaurants to have emergency epinephrine injectors available, in case a diner suffers an allergic reaction. What do you think?