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If the Morgan Spurlock fast food exposé Super Size Me didn’t convince you that fat, salt and sugar are addictive, then this will. Seems a stray cat in New Zealand ‘adopted’ a suburban McDonalds franchise and ate nothing but the McFood it could scrounge and beg for more than a year…

A flurry of news stories lately has brought to light a reality of the restaurant business that might make you feel sad, angry or even cheated. Or all of the above. Did you know that many restaurants force their servers to share their tips with management?

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A new study, based on DNA analysis of samples from Canadian and U.S. supermarkets and fish markets, shows that an alarming 41 per cent of fish offered recently at retail in five large Canadian cities was not what was stated on the label!

A new study by the U.S. special interest group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reveals that the so-called ‘kids meals’ offered by virtually all of the fast food chains are not as healthy as you might think. Some, according to CSPI, are downright unhealthy!

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Do you have any idea how much Sugar you consume daily? A recent book by American Doctor Robert Lustig, says, flat out, that Sugar is addictive, that the food processing Industry knows this, and that the industry hooks us from infancy for its own dark purposes.