According to a recent survey, Canadians throw out more than $2.5 billion a year worth of spoiled or spoiling produce. And the cause of this unbelievable waste of otherwise good food seems to be improper storage, proceeding from a lack of knowledge about how to handle common foods properly.

Yer hasic Hot Dogs - ©

Consumers – literally – consumed more than $1.7 billion (with a B) worth of hot dogs last year. And that’s not counting the ones they bought at restaurants, food trucks, street carts and sports venue concessions. Even so, that’s a drop of 3 per cent from the year before. What’s going on?

Beef Stroganoff - ©

I can’t seem to make a roast beef dinner without having lots of leftovers. Good thing there are a lot of ways to make yesterday’s roast today’s culinary triumph! I particularly love dishes where the roast gets another long, low, slow braise…

The Mort family - ©

Seems a Pennsylvania mother who ate a Poppy Seed Bagel shortly before she gave birth tested positive for opiate drugs on a routine post-delivery urine screen and had her newborn taken from her by child welfare agents without explanation!

Compound Butter ©

We recently learned that Paula Deen, the controversial Queen of Southern Cuisine (except on the Food Network), is bringing out a new line of flavoured ‘finishing’ butters. The idea is that you use a little to ‘finish’ dishes and add buttery flavour, rather than pile butter on all through cooking…

Catered Dinner Plate - ©

Oh, man! Oh, man! Oh, man! This is the lowest trick ever! Apparently, many foodies and wannabes, and poseurs… Invite friends and folks they want to impress to their homes for a ‘home-made’ gourmet dinner – which they actually buy in from top-notch caterers!