Yer hasic Hot Dogs - ©

Consumers – literally – consumed more than $1.7 billion (with a B) worth of hot dogs last year. And that’s not counting the ones they bought at restaurants, food trucks, street carts and sports venue concessions. Even so, that’s a drop of 3 per cent from the year before. What’s going on?

Beef Stroganoff - ©

I can’t seem to make a roast beef dinner without having lots of leftovers. Good thing there are a lot of ways to make yesterday’s roast today’s culinary triumph! I particularly love dishes where the roast gets another long, low, slow braise…

You paid just a nickel, or ‘slug’, as the vernacular of the day had it, for this Depression-busting, ‘burger’ which stretched a Diner’s available meat farther than most of us today can imagine. And, in spite of being composed mainly of fillers, it’s remembered fondly…

Fried Rice - ©

Got leftover rice? Or do you just have a hankering for Asian comfort food? Bring two and half cups of water to a rolling boil (no salt!) and pour in a cup of dry White Rice. Or Jasmin. Or whatever kind you like… Give it a stir, cover the pot, turn off the heat, and let it sit, without interference, for half an hour…

Montreal Poutine - ©

Poutine is one of a very few foods that can claim to be truly and totally Canadian in origin. Like Butter Tarts, Tourtiére and Beaver Tails (the pastry, from Ottawa; but more on that in a future post!). Today, we’ll delve into the origin of this heart-attack-in-a-bowl and show you how to make it right!

Biscuit with Butter

Call them Tea Biscuits, Butter Biscuits, Baking Powder Biscuits or just Biscuits… They’re all essentially the same thing, and they represent a culinary tradition that has been spread around the world by British emigrants.