Tim's Coffee Mug - © Tim Horton's

If you thought Tim Horton’s was going to suspend new-product roll-outs and cut back in every conceivable way under the ownership of Burger King / 3G Holdings… Well, I did. And now, I have to give it another think. Tim’s this week announced they’re introducing a new Coffee this month…

KD & Ketchup - © aaronatlarge204 wordpress.com

There’s been another major takeover – of one processed food maker by another – in the U.S. But it’s more than that, because both of the U.S. giants involved are already major global players in the processed food sphere. Who’s behind the mega-merger and what does it mean for consumers?

McD's Burger of Tomorrow? - © 2014 McDonald's Restaurants

A simple-sounding thing we can literally do in a second may take McDonalds months or years to accomplish. That’s why it’s taking what seems like forever to consumers for the burger giant to make menu changes announced months ago.You’ll be amazed at the numbers McD’s has to deal with!