Fat for Life - © Newsweek Magazine

A consortium of senior Canadian medical and health groups has come out united in favour of banning junk food ads that target children. That includes not only fast food but sugary cereals, beverages and other processed foods. Understandably, some manufacturers will be upset.

Angus Burger - © McDonalds Restaurants

McDonalds has announced it is discontinuing its popular third-pound Angus Burger – at least in the U.S. The reason? The company can’t pass on the recent steep increases in beef prices to customers and stay competitive in its ferociously competitive market.

Butter - © 2013 Maggie J's Catering

A popular food blog associated with Yahoo! News this week published the results of a taste test, by two noted foodies, of five different mega-brand spreadable margarines. The tasters then dared to compare margarine and butter!

Frankie and Jessica - © 2013 BEN CURRAN/Fairfax NZ - www.waikatotimes.co.nz

If the Morgan Spurlock fast food exposé Super Size Me didn’t convince you that fat, salt and sugar are addictive, then this will. Seems a stray cat in New Zealand ‘adopted’ a suburban McDonalds franchise and ate nothing but the McFood it could scrounge and beg for more than a year…

A flurry of news stories lately has brought to light a reality of the restaurant business that might make you feel sad, angry or even cheated. Or all of the above. Did you know that many restaurants force their servers to share their tips with management?