Smell-O-Vision one step nearer

Dominos Pizza DVD - ©

What’s round and flat and decorated all over the top with cheese, pepperoni, bacon and olives? Till now, it could only be your favourite pizza, fresh from the oven (or pizzeria delivery bag)… But, now, it could also be a the latest hot movie release on DVD!

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The Big (Nutrition) Lie: Serving Sizes

We’ve recently offered a number of posts, here in the FFB, which mention nutrition profiles and labeling regulations. The profiles make good reading, but they can be deceptive. How? You have to check the serving size quoted on the label and calculate equivalent numbers accordingly.

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Nutella maker disses its biggest fan

What would you do if you made a globally beloved product, the only one of its kind, no competition, and a faithful customer put up a positively worshipful website that drew tens of thousands of followers and friends? If you’re the makers of Nutella, you’d tell ’em to cease and desist.

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Leftover Rhapsody: Fried Rice

Fried Rice - ©

Got leftover rice? Or do you just have a hankering for Asian comfort food? Bring two and half cups of water to a rolling boil (no salt!) and pour in a cup of dry White Rice. Or Jasmin. Or whatever kind you like… Give it a stir, cover the pot, turn off the heat, and let it sit, without interference, for half an hour…

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Sitdown Food is ‘Fat Food’, too!

Sitdown Restaurant Food - ©

We’ve said it before, but now a new learned study confirms that restaurant food is a major contributor to the so-called obesity epidemic that’s plaguing the Western World. The University of Toronto study found that even non-fast-food restaurant meals are amazingly high in calories.

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