Zucchini Bounty - © edenbrothers.com

Harvest Time Tips: Don’t Waste The Zucchinis!

I know, I know… You planted one little Zucchini sprout and it took over your garden, giving you back dozens and dozens of cute little Courgettes. But you ran out of ideas on how to use them fresh before the end of the first week they started coming in. We all do! Now, try preserving them to enjoy all winter long!

Herbs - © crocus.co.uk

Harvest Time Tips: Bringing in the Herbs

We kicked off our Fall Harvest Tips series recently with my take on how to deal with the inevitable Tomato Tsunami. Today, we’ll tackle another Harvest Time Embarrassment of Riches: What to do with all the lovely fresh herbs still growing like weeds in the far back corner of your bounteous garden!

McD's Burger of Tomorrow? - © 2014 McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald’s Tests Big Changes to Stay Relevant

Back almost a year ago, we told you that McDonald’s – in an attempt to stop the erosion of its market share by new, emerging chains – was considering making major changes to its menu: Letting customers ‘Build Your Own’ burgers! Now, it appears they are testing this novel approach…

Classic Strawberry Pop Tarts - key - © Kellogs

Pop Tart Turns 50 – Defies Healthy Eating Trend!

Who knew? If they hadn’t told us, we’d have assumed that the iconic mass-produced breakfast pastry, the Pop Tart, was fading into dietary obscurity with the much-hyped rise of the ‘Healthy Eating’ movement. But that’s not the case. In fact, it’s more popular than ever!

Harvest Time Tips: It’s Tomato Season – Get packing!

Yes, it’s that time of year, again. The tomatoes are starting to come in, fast, from the two or three little plants you put in over by the back fence last spring. Surprise! They’ve grown to three or four feet in height and each has about 20 kg of fruit on it, coming ripe all at once!

Activated Charcoal Powder - © flatulencecures.com

Think Vinegar and Alkaline Diets are Weird?

Thought you’d heard the end all and be all of weird diets when Dr. Oz was called to account before a Special Congressional Committee on the marketing of weight loss products? Think again. No sooner had the kafuffle over Dr. Oz died down than we were looking at Vinegar Drinking…

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