The Truth about ‘Natural’

Granola Bar © Jana @

Do you make food product choices based on label claims such as, ‘All Natural Ingredients!’, ‘Not from Concentrate!’, or ‘Natural [product] Flavour!’ ? Well, you may be disappointed to discover that these ‘Natural’ claims don’t necessarily guarantee that the product

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‘Fast Food’ witch hunt?

Super Size Spurlock

I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Organic movement, the Whole Foods movement or the various stripes of vegetarians say – especially the more extreme groups. And I think the ‘healthy’ types are overdoing it in their ongoing witch hunt against fast Food. But…

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Poutine – An all-Canadian Mess!

Montreal Poutine - ©

Poutine is one of a very few foods that can claim to be truly and totally Canadian in origin. Like Butter Tarts, Tourtiére and Beaver Tails (the pastry, from Ottawa; but more on that in a future post!). Today, we’ll delve into the origin of this heart-attack-in-a-bowl and show you how to make it right!

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Kitchen Safety IV – Ware Washing

In a restaurant, hotel or institutional kitchen, guess who the most important staff member is? Yup. It’s the dish washer! If the dish washer isn’t on top of things, there are no pots and pans for the cooks to cook with, no plates to serve the food on and no table utensils to eat it with. It’s that simple.

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