Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Finally! After decades of discord and confusion in the North American maple Syrup industry, Canada and the U.S. have agreed to standardize Maple Syrup grading systems across all major production areas. Maybe this will help control Maple syrup counterfeiting and fraud!

Pot Luck Spread - © ivillage.ca

I hate Pot Luck Dinners. The main reason is that so many people don’t ask the host what they should bring, or what other guests are bringing. And you end up with four Jellied Salads, six dozen Rolls and a frozen Cocktail Shrimp Ring. Well, now there’s a handy reference to Pot Luck Etiquette!

Here’s a chili paste that anyone from North Africa will already know well… Harissa is used in a multitude of hot/spicy dishes across the southern Mediterranean region and has a unique flavour profile you’ll love in a whole range of your own dishes where some heat is called for…

Time to shift our attention to North Africa – the oft-neglected ‘poor sister’ of Mediterranean cuisine – and discover the delights of stuff like the region’s trademark stew, Tajine. But, first, we have to learn about the region’s trademark flavour tradition and universal spice blend: Ras el Hanout!