Competitive Eating – Samauri style!

The Japanese invented the honour code of the Samaurai; Sippuku and Harikari, to kill yourself when you lose honour; and the Kamikaze Code, in which you sacrifice yourself for your country. There are elements of all these ancient traditions in Japan’s latest competitive eating craze…

Could this be the Best Cheese in the World?

Now, there’s a loaded question if ever I heard one! But it appears there’s an annual World Champion Cheese Contest, held in Madison, Wisconsin this year, and its judges have come up with one that they say topped the rest of the 2,615 entries from around the world…

Would Parm, by another name, taste the same?

Fair warning: The European Union is about to do, with its famous cheeses, what It’s already done with wines and Olive Oil. There’s a move afoot to institute international restrictions on what can legally be labelled ‘Parmesan’, ‘Gruyere’ and even ‘feta’. But does it really matter?

La Chingona Key - © 2014 Pizza Patron

The Crying Game – Take V: Volcanic Mexican Pizza

It’s an epdemic! Either that, or the longing for Spring just brings out the nuttiness in people – a phenomenon expressed in the culinary community as a recent explosion in new super-spicy Chili Pepper menu items. Now, it’s Mexican Pizza… From a Tex-Mex Pizza Joint!

Starbucks Logo - © Starbucks

Can Starbucks survive on Coffee alone?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the crazy extremes burger-and-dog joints are going to, to stay competitive these days. Now, Starbucks is trying to invade the happy hour market by serving beer and wine in a growing number of its U.S. outlets. What’s behind this seemingly odd decision?

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup 101: Sweeeeet!

We are told that the lion-like March weather we are currently experiencing will result in a later than usual Maple Syrup harvest this year. The good news is, the harvest should be just as bountiful as ever when it gets here. And then your Syrup Savvy comes into play!

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