Organics: Can you taste the difference?

Here we go again… Another flash mob of guerrilla foodinistas has struck, at an Organic Food Show, and proved what we and other mainstream foodservice industry types have been saying for ages: There’s no discernible difference in taste between ‘regular’ and organic foods…

Light Fruitcake - ©

No More Procrastinating: Make the Fruitcake!

Okay… If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to make your Holiday Fruitcakes. Baking them now gives you a full two months before Christmas and New Years to drizzle your love-laden creations with Brandy (or Rum or whatever festive spirit you prefer) weekly, before serving!

Triple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill - ©

Listen closely: Fat is Good for You! Really!

You may remember the post, back a few months ago, in which I reported that doctors have finally come around and admitted that Butter is good for you. Well, now the ultimate health authorities have broken down and admitted that Fat in general is fundamentally good for you, too!

Mario Batali key - ©

Batali and I Differ over Cooking and Dressing Pasta

Okay… I know I’m risking the wrath of The FOOD Network and millions of Mario Batali fans around the world, but I just have to post this. I disagree with some of his highly-touted tips for cooking and dressing pasta. And I think he left some important ones out!

Shelled Raw Cocoa Beans - ©

What do Ebola and Chocolate have in Common?

It’s a little convoluted, but there is a direct and dire connection. It seems that much of the world’s cocoa bean crop comes from West Africa. And that’s where the Ebola Epidemic is currently raging. Shortages and ensuing price hikes for cocoa and chocolate are already being forecast…

Canadian Thanksgiving - © walshcooks files

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Tomorrow (Monday) is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. And, in honour of my Home and Native Land, I wish to contribute the following tip for those among us putting on the Big Holiday Feast… Briefly, I offer my traditional Turkey Feast Day recipes and hints for all to enjoy…

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