Buttergate Update: Paula Deen blackmailed!

Paula Deen: Extorted! - © Michael Wright - WENN.jpg

The Paula Deen Scandal – let’s call it ‘Buttergate’ – spreads its ugly tentacles ever wider with each passing day, as new and shocking revelations come one after the other. The latest: Paula Deen was threatened by an extortionist over the court case that started the whole ‘N’-word mess…

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Cooking 101: Fancy Butters

Compound Butter © joyskitchencreations.blogspot.ca

We recently learned that Paula Deen, the controversial Queen of Southern Cuisine (except on the Food Network), is bringing out a new line of flavoured ‘finishing’ butters. The idea is that you use a little to ‘finish’ dishes and add buttery flavour, rather than pile butter on all through cooking…

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How to Hard Boil an Egg – perfectly

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs - © olgasflavorfactory.com

I know. I know… Seems simple. But I keep getting questions from folks who just can’t seem to time their eggs right, or who can’t boil them without cracking them, or who always seem to get a grey/black skin on their yolks. I have a sure-fire method that solves all those problems.

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Paula Deen Update: Fired by most sponsors!

Paula Deen Apologises - © NBC

Wow! The fallout from Paula Deen’s casual admission, in a statement released earlier this week, that she long ago used the ‘N’ word, just keeps coming. Seems nobody wants to stand by the old dear in her time of peril. Well… It’s often been said that paranoia, like the Plague, is highly contagious!

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