Fake Restaurant Reviews are Epidemic!

Nothing that’s good, on its face, seems to escape exploitation and sullying by the crooks and scammers. Witness the disclosure this week that many restaurant reviews, ‘likes’ and other endorsements are totally fake, for sale by fraudsters preying on restauranteurs and patrons, alike!

Unripe Tomato - Leave it on the vine! - © thefarmstaff.com

Chef Secrets: Is ‘Fresh’ Always Best?

We’ve touched on this issue before, talking about Pizza Perfectionist Prudery when it comes to the insistence of so-called Pie Purists on using only fresh tomatoes, crushed by hand, in their best Red Sauces. Now, the issue of Frozen vs. Fresh is raising its contentious head once again…

McDonald’s Enlists Ex-Mythbuster for Videos

I thought I was seeing things when I scanned a Yahoo! post a couple of weeks back and read that former Mythbusters investigator Grant Imihara was starring in a video commissioned by McDonald’s about its post-Pink Slime Burger patty practices. Well, I’ve just seen him again!

Starbucks Delivers - © 2014 Starbucks

No, Really! Starbucks to Start Delivering?

I’ve often opined as one should get more for their money when buying a cup of Premium Coffee from somebody like Second Cup or Starbucks. Now, it appears that Starbucks, at least, is preparing to offer something of that nature. But I don’t know if it’s going to work, in the long run…

Katchapuri - © travel-hunter.org

Pizza Lore: Pizza Around the World?

If you are into food at all – and you must be if you read my blog! – you’ll already know that ‘Pizza’ is part of the culinary culture of many countries around the world. I just wonder where you draw the line? When it is not Pizza anymore, but some other Flat Bread treat entirely?

Fast Food Wages: A Refreshing Perspective!

We’ve posted before on contentious employment practices in the Fast Food Industry. There have been issues about using ‘temporary’ foreign workers and complaints from workers that their wages aren’t livable. Now, a Danish outfit is challenging the norm and reaping some unsuspected benefits…

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