Tims & BK Merger - © firmex.com

Is Tim Horton’s in Danger from BK Merger?

A recent column in the business pages suggests that Tim Horton’s – a Canadian institution – may suffer serious corporate predations and humiliations under the ownership of Burger King and, by association, BK’s master, a shadowy holding company known only as 3G…

Fresh Pasta - © davidlebovitz.com

Mediterranean Mysteries: Fresh Pasta!

Here’s a skill any truly serious aficionado of Mediterranean food must master to claim the title ‘Master’: Making Fresh Pasta! While the end result is, to some, almost magical, good, handmade fresh pasta is really easy and quick to make and can be used in a whole galaxy of great comfort food recipes!

Newborn Tahini - Perfect texture - © rawcrusade.com

Mediterranean Mysteries: Tahini

At the heart of many great Mediterranean dishes is the humble, ubiquitous Sesame Seed. And, in the Middle East and North Africa, this staple us often seen in the form of Tahini – a very smooth paste of ground Toasted Sesame Seeds with added Sesame Oil and other goodies.

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Canada, U.S. to unify Maple Syrup Grading

Finally! After decades of discord and confusion in the North American maple Syrup industry, Canada and the U.S. have agreed to standardize Maple Syrup grading systems across all major production areas. Maybe this will help control Maple syrup counterfeiting and fraud!

Tajine Stew - key - © maggiebeer.com.au

Mediterranean Mysteries: Tajine

Here is the jewel of Moroccan/Tunisian/Algerian cuisine: A spicy, sweet, flavourful Stew of Goat, Lamb, or Game, with dried fruits and Tomatoes, cooked low and slow in a special pot that is both indigenous and unique to the region. I speak of none other than the beloved Tajine!

Pot Luck Spread - © ivillage.ca

Don’t Be a Holiday Pot Luck Party Pooper!

I hate Pot Luck Dinners. The main reason is that so many people don’t ask the host what they should bring, or what other guests are bringing. And you end up with four Jellied Salads, six dozen Rolls and a frozen Cocktail Shrimp Ring. Well, now there’s a handy reference to Pot Luck Etiquette!

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