Here comes the Pork Price Crisis!

Bacon - ® unknown

Remember when we warned that just about all foods – especially meats – were going to jump in price this year? And remember, just last week, when we reported that Beef prices were on the rise? Well, this time, it’s Pork’s turn – and my suggestion that Pork will be cheaper than Beef is taking a beating…

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Foreign Workers Take II – Monkeys can cook!

I’m sure you’ve seen updates in the mainstream media about the McDonald’s Canada temporary foreign workers controversy. In fact, the issue of foreign workers displacing Canadians has spilled over to other fast food and sit-down restaurants, from coast to coast. But there’s a new twist in the story…

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Calgary Stampede = Ultimate Menu Madness!

Scorpion Pizza - © 2014 Calgary Stampedede

I’m not going to say much about this one. Just point you to the original story and let you take it from there. The folks who provide sustenance for Calgary Stampede revelers have totally outdone themselves this year, offering some of the craziest menu items this side of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ home field…

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Beef prices to Soar due to Southern Drought

Endangered Species - © bovi-denmark.s-2

Okay. We were warned. U.S. Beef prices are starting to rise, as a result of winter action by ranchers and feed lot operators south of the border, just like market observers forecast last fall. It’s all a result of drought in the U.S. west and mid-west last year that crippled livestock feed crops…

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