Mediterranean Mysteries: Baba Ganoush

This beloved Eggplant dip is a perfect accompaniment for Hommus and Tabouleh Salad! Just warm up some Pitas and scoop! And the best thing is, it’s easy to make as well as healthy to eat. Try this great Mediterranean staple just once and you’ll change your mind!

Greek Roasted Potatoes - Key - ©

Mediterranean Mysteries: Greek Roast Potatoes!

There’s nothing quite so characteristic of a Greek Dinner Platter as classic Roasted Potatoes. in Grecian cuisine, they treat Potatoes as a veggie on their own, not just another starch. And you’ll agree with that assessment once you’ve made and tasted some real Greek Roasted Potatoes!

Burger Menu Madness: Down and Dirty Desperation!

Burger King has been really, really active, lately, trying to grow itself and diversify its offerings (notably by buying Tim Hortons) and, now, appears to be taking direct aim at McDonald’s – seen by some as ‘the guys to beat’ in the fast food industry. But BK’s new methods are surprisingly old-school.

‘Food Trends’ for 2015: Everything Old is New Again

I can’t help thinking of the old Broadway musical tune, Everything Old Is New Again… Yes, it’s that time of year, when foodies and food industry watchers weigh in with their predictions for the coming twelve months. And, as usual, there’s really nothing on the horizon we haven’t heard of before…

Mediterranean Mysteries: Kibbeh

Here’s a Middle Eastern favourite that I think remains grossly under-rated in other parts of the world. It’s a distant cousin of Felafel and Italian Arancini, and a kissing cousin of Turkish Kofteh and, yes, even Scotch Eggs! But it has its own distinct character and it’s really easy to make.

Mediterranean Mysteries: Marinara Sauce

At the core of Italian cuisine is a simple, basic Red Sauce which is used in a plethora of ways – as a base for other sauces, as a component of other dishes, and as a condiment for baked and fried bread-based dishes. I speak, of course, of the one and only Marinara!

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