Corn Tortillas - Detail - ©

We’ve recently looked at Mexican Flour Tortillas, where authenticity demands adherence to a number of ancient and immutable techniques. Not that the ingredients are exotic or the skills required are difficult at all. Now, We’re going to see what it takes to make Corn Tortillas…

Homemade Flour Tortillas - Detail - ©

I love Flat Breads of all kinds, especially those with old, traditional origins. Call me old school, but I prefer Indian Naan Bread or Mexican Flour Tortillas over relative newcomers such as Pizza Crust. And I love to make my own, even if it does mean a little time and effort. That’s why I go big and freeze lots!

Galen Weston Jr. - ©

Canada’s second-richest man got there by selling… Groceries! Galen Weston Sr. was, until recently, head of Weston’s, which owns – among other things – the Loblaw’s Grocery empire and historic Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. In spite of what folks say, there is money in groceries!

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A new study by researchers at the University of Vermont concludes that eating Hot Chili Peppers regularly can prolong your life significantly. The thing is, they’re not sure why. Nevertheless, they say their findings are conclusive and they’re supported by at least one other study on the issue…