Fast Food Blind Taste Test Redux: Fries

Okay… We reported last week on a recent BuzzFeed Fast Food Burger Blind Taste Test. The results were as surprising, for some, as the comments from the ‘civilian’ tasters. Now, it’s time for the Fast Food Blind Fries Taste Test. And, this time, the taster’s comments take the spotlight…

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Another Opinion on the Benefits of Alcohol…

We’ve reported, in the past, on various studies that either decry the use of alcohol as ruinous or celebrate it as an aid to health. Until recently, the balance has been in favour of benefits. Now, a major British study evens the score, saying it found no clear indications of benefits from drinking booze…

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Chinese New Year: Insure Prosperity in 2015!

Tomorrow is Lunar New Years – more commonly known as Chinese New Years, but celebrated by a number of Asian Cultures. The celebration runs through March 5, culminating in the Lantern Festival. Tradition holds that it’s important to eat the right things to ensure prosperity in the coming year!

Why is McDonalds struggling in Asia?

Sorry for all the Fast Food posts lately. But when something intrigues me, I latch on pretty hard! This time, it’s a report that McDonald’s is having trouble marketing itself in Asia. No surprise there, given the obvious divergence in food styles between Asia and the western world. But there may be more to it…

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Flash: Valentine’s Day Food Favourites!

Okay… Where do I start? You don’t really have to make all of these yourself, just know where to find them at your local Supermarkets, Bakeries, Delis and Candy shops! Valentines Day gifting traditionally focuses on Chocolate, but there’s a lot more to delectable Valentines Dining than that!

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Fast Food Burger Blind Taste Test

You’ll probably be surprised to learn which Fast Food Burger average eaters agreed was best in a recent blind taste test of half a dozen major brands. Hint: It wasn’t the most expensive, the ‘fanciest’ or the best-selling… In fact, the results of the taste-off reveal that we love the old-school approach!

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