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Menu Madness: KFC’s New Double Down Dog!

It seems that no more than a couple of weeks or so go by without a new eruption of Menu Madness on the over-crowded Fast Food scene. This time, it’s KFC who are revisiting an old idea to stir up some new interest among jaded, over-hyped – and over-fed – lovers of deep-fried, take-out fare…

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News Flash: Tim Horton’s New Boss Cuts Jobs

As we predicted recently, after the takeover of Tim Horton’s by Burger King, the new owners are moving swiftly to trim costs, principally by cutting jobs at Horton’s administrative offices across Canada and in the U.S. observers say this is standard operating procedure for giant holding company 3G…

Traditional Diamond-shaped Baklava - ©

Mediterranean Mysteries: Baklava

Unless you are one of those very, very unfortunate people who has an allergy to Nuts or Honey, you’ll probably already know about the classic Middle Eastern candy/pastry treat called Baklava. Some folks think it’s hard to make – a true Mediterranean Mystery – but they’re wrong!

McDonalds Logo - © McDonalds 2013

What’s Really in McDonald’s French Fries?

We told you, a few weeks back, that former MythBuster Grant Imahara had been hired by McDonald’s to debunk ‘myths’ about what goes into the burger giant’s various menu items. The latest show-and-tell video focuses on something we’ve all been wondering about – the Fries…

McD's Burger of Tomorrow? - © 2014 McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald’s Revitalization Program Goes Forward

As we’ve observed, in former posts, McDonald’s – the guys who invented the Burger Chain – are moving forward with their plan to, well, reinvent the concept. Imminent Menu changes are just part of a master plan to help McDonald’s cut costs and complexity while becoming more ‘relevant’…

Spanakopita - ©

Mediterranean Mysteries: Spanakopita

Here’s a Greek Specialty as beloved as it is iconic of that wonderful, colourful, boisterous culture! If you’ve never made Spanakopita yourself,and thought it must involve more than a little magic to produce one in your own kitchen – read on and see how easy it really is!

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