Tim's vs Dunkins - © grubstreet.com

Remember when there were almost as many Dunkin Donuts shops as Tim’s stores in most Canadian cities? Remember when they all disappeared, after Dunkin’s admitted it couldn’t compete with Tim’s on Tim’s home turf? Did you know Dunkin’s still had unfinished business in Quebec?

Tim Horton's - Key - © kavinė Vankuveryje on Wikipedia

A Tim Horton’s in Toronto’s north end was the final destination of a hijacked city bus on the weekend. Police say a man with a knife commandeered the TTC vehicle early Friday morning and demanded to be driven to the nearest Tim Horton’s. Naturally, that’s what the terrified driver did…

Have you purchased a a Latté from Starbucks lately? You may be eligible for a refund – or at least some compensation (as yet to be determined). If a pending class action lawsuit is allowed to go ahead, it could mean a major slap in the face for the upscale coffee purveyor as well!

Jamie Oliver's Fave Burger - Key - © Sobey's

I’m sure you recall the debacle when U.S. movie actor Leo DiCaprio mistook a perfectly normal Chinook in Alberta for a horrific global warming event. We laughed. He blushed and moved on. Now, British culinary super star Jamie Oliver has opened up another can of Canadian worms…