So I just about fell out of my chair when I came across this blog post about how dried algae powder is going to be ‘the food of the future’. It’s got tons of Iron and lots of other vitamins and minerals, and bags of protein. So why are we not all scarfing it down by the bucketful?

BrewBurger ©

It’s not good enough anymore for a restaurant to offer great food, great prices and great service. Today, more and more diners, pubs and just plain burger joints are struggling to find some way to raise themselves above the noise in their overcrowded foodservice niche…

Kraft Foods, in the U.S. at least, is saying demand from consumers, as reflected in recent polls, has convinced them to remove some highly criticized additives from its famous ‘American’ (‘Process Cheese Food’, to the rest of the world) slices, spreads and Mac & Cheese dinners…

Burger King - real sign - © 2014 Burger King

A fake Burger King restaurant has been unmasked in Pittsburgh, PA, after customers started asking questions about some details – about both the store and the food – that just didn’t add up. My question is, “Why counterfeit a Burger King outlet in the first place?”

Actually… It’s never gone away. But, now, it sounds as though it’s reached epidemic proportions in North America. And, if you’re Italian, or a serious cook of any stripe, you’ll be downright upset, if not outraged, that one of your beloved kitchen staples has been slammed by fraudsters!