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The Paula Deen Scandal – let’s call it ‘Buttergate’ – spreads its ugly tentacles ever wider with each passing day, as new and shocking revelations come one after the other. The latest: Paula Deen was threatened by an extortionist over the court case that started the whole ‘N’-word mess…

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Oh, man! Oh, man! Oh, man! This is the lowest trick ever! Apparently, many foodies and wannabes, and poseurs… Invite friends and folks they want to impress to their homes for a ‘home-made’ gourmet dinner – which they actually buy in from top-notch caterers!

Paula Deen Apologises - © NBC

Wow! The fallout from Paula Deen’s casual admission, in a statement released earlier this week, that she long ago used the ‘N’ word, just keeps coming. Seems nobody wants to stand by the old dear in her time of peril. Well… It’s often been said that paranoia, like the Plague, is highly contagious!

Paula Deen Fired

Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed Queen of Southern Cuisine, has been dropped by the Food Network. She apparently made some racist and/or sexist remarks… But, “It’s been a very long time…” And what older Southern person hasn’t, at some time of their life? So much for being transparently honest.

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