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Anti-Gluten Mania: Don’t Fall for the Hype!

We’ve been hearing a lot about the purported evils of gluten lately. A lot more in recent weeks. And, in recent days, it seems the hysteria surrounding what one blogger calls ‘the oldest protein’ has been ramping up to new heights. More and more folks are asking what’s it all about and what’s it to them?

Tim’s adding Nutella to Cast of Characters

More menu surprises from Tim Horton’s! Recently, we remarked on the likelihood of changes – large and small – at Tim’s as a result of their takeover by Burger King – a unit of mega-holding company 3G of Brazil. 3G has a rep for cutting both staff and menu selections. But not this time, apparently…

A Guide to Pairing Wine with Junk Food?

No. Seriously. And it’s being promoted by the tasting supervisor at a classy boutique winery in Clifton, VA. And there’s evidence to support the theory that the wine-with-snacks thing is more a trend than a fad. Or are the winemakers ganging up on us with a cunning crossover hype campaign?

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More McD’s News: All Day Breakfast?

We’ve been following the changes that McDonald’s has been proposing and testing in its menu and its ways of taking and filling orders. The latest chapter involves what some would call a major, landmark move: Making Breakfast available all day! This is one ‘update’ that McD’s hasn’t previously hinted at…

Ballpark Food Roundup: Yahoo!’s Top Ten

We’ve been reporting them piecemeal as they’re announced, but Yahoo! has graciously provided it’s overview of the Top Ten new Ballpark Foods of the 2015 season. Among them are a couple you’ve already seen, but the majority are new to the FFB – and some will amaze you!

Tim's Coffee Mug - © Tim Horton's

Coffee Wars: Tim’s adds new Coffee Blend

If you thought Tim Horton’s was going to suspend new-product roll-outs and cut back in every conceivable way under the ownership of Burger King / 3G Holdings… Well, I did. And now, I have to give it another think. Tim’s this week announced they’re introducing a new Coffee this month…

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