Mediterranean Mysteries: Fresh Pasta!

Fresh Pasta - ©

Here’s a skill any truly serious aficionado of Mediterranean food must master to claim the title ‘Master’: Making Fresh Pasta! While the end result is, to some, almost magical, good, handmade fresh pasta is really easy and quick to make and can be used in a whole galaxy of great comfort food recipes!

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Mediterranean Mysteries: Tajine

Tajine Stew - key - ©

Here is the jewel of Moroccan/Tunisian/Algerian cuisine: A spicy, sweet, flavourful Stew of Goat, Lamb, or Game, with dried fruits and Tomatoes, cooked low and slow in a special pot that is both indigenous and unique to the region. I speak of none other than the beloved Tajine!

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Mediterannean Mysteries: Harissa

Here’s a chili paste that anyone from North Africa will already know well… Harissa is used in a multitude of hot/spicy dishes across the southern Mediterranean region and has a unique flavour profile you’ll love in a whole range of your own dishes where some heat is called for…

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