Pizza Lore: The Origins of Modern Pizza

Pizza Margarita DiFrancesco - © 400 gradi

This one is dear to my heart… Turns out that the one true ancestor of the Modern Pizza is my namesake – the simple, elegant, flavourful Pizza Margarita featuring Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil! And the story behind why is a really good one, linking me – however tenuously – to royalty!

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Dessert Craziness UPDATE: The Wonut

Do you remember the Cronut? That cross between a Croissante and a Doughnut? Touted for all of ten minutes on the big wide Web as the next big dessert trend? Well, the Sugar-Fat-Dough purveyors have some additional idiotic ideas for products they want to convince you to buy at premium prices…

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Here comes the Pork Price Crisis!

Bacon - ® unknown

Remember when we warned that just about all foods – especially meats – were going to jump in price this year? And remember, just last week, when we reported that Beef prices were on the rise? Well, this time, it’s Pork’s turn – and my suggestion that Pork will be cheaper than Beef is taking a beating…

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Foreign Workers Take II – Monkeys can cook!

I’m sure you’ve seen updates in the mainstream media about the McDonald’s Canada temporary foreign workers controversy. In fact, the issue of foreign workers displacing Canadians has spilled over to other fast food and sit-down restaurants, from coast to coast. But there’s a new twist in the story…

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