Fat Kid Diabetes - © memegenerator.net

A new study by Boston University researchers reveals that almost a hundred health organizations accepted money from two of the world’s largest soft drink / soda makers over a five year period earlier this decade. If that’s not at least a perceived conflict of interest, in don’t know what is!

Obese Kid Stuffing - © Fast Food Nation

It’s World Obesity Day (WOD), as declared by the World Obesity Federation (WOF). The annual observance is designed to raise awareness of the global obesity epidemic and press governments to take action, this year with a special emphasis on the childhood obesity crisis.

Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza - Detail - © Pizza Hut

The nutty menu items just keep on coming! We’ve already looked at a Four-Pound Taco and a ‘maxed-out Pastrami Chili Cheese Dog’. Now, we’ve got a whole cavalcade of crazy Pizza innovations which will either thrill you or make you want to throw up. Hold on! here we go…