Why is McDonalds struggling in Asia?

Sorry for all the Fast Food posts lately. But when something intrigues me, I latch on pretty hard! This time, it’s a report that McDonald’s is having trouble marketing itself in Asia. No surprise there, given the obvious divergence in food styles between Asia and the western world. But there may be more to it…

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Fast Food Burger Blind Taste Test

Question Mark Burger - © BuzzFeed.com, Maggiejs.ca

You’ll probably be surprised to learn which Fast Food Burger average eaters agreed was best in a recent blind taste test of half a dozen major brands. Hint: It wasn’t the most expensive, the ‘fanciest’ or the best-selling… In fact, the results of the taste-off reveal that we love the old-school approach!

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How much Coffee is Too Much?

Black Coffee - © Wikipedia

I tripped over a reference to this age-old topic when looking for something else on the Web. Now I can’t remember what the other thing was. Anyway, I know you’ll be delighted to learn that your individual tolerance to coffee (or any form of caffeine) may be determined in a significant part, by your genes…

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Mediterranean Mysteries: Tapas

This unique style of eating is a cherished Portuguese and Spanish tradition – perhaps more an Atlantic phenomenon than Mediterranean. But its ingredients and preparation methods are distinctly rooted in The Med as are the cultural conventions that come along with it…

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