Seems there’s a shortage of Limes looming in the U.S. due to contrary weather in Mexico, where most of their Limes come from… And, as everybody knows, you can’t have Margaritas or Guacamole or Pico de Gallo without Limes, let alone a proper Cerveza Corona. So… Is summer ruined for millions?

Fair warning: The European Union is about to do, with its famous cheeses, what It’s already done with wines and Olive Oil. There’s a move afoot to institute international restrictions on what can legally be labelled ‘Parmesan’, ‘Gruyere’ and even ‘feta’. But does it really matter?

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

We are told that the lion-like March weather we are currently experiencing will result in a later than usual Maple Syrup harvest this year. The good news is, the harvest should be just as bountiful as ever when it gets here. And then your Syrup Savvy comes into play!

I am well aware that it’s just wrong for a foodservice professional to say so, but the much-maligned Five-Second Rule about the safety of food dropped on the floor has been vindicated – at least in part – by UK researchers who recently performed some simple but elegant experiments…

Ghost Pepper

Seems some scientific types have cracked the hot pepper genome. That, they say, means that, through genetic engineering, we might be able to create even-hotter peppers than Nature and some determined cross-breeders have already wrought. But do we really need them?

Peanut Brittle - ©

If you haven’t tried making your own caramel, yet, don’t delay a minute longer! Confidence with Caramel opens the doors to a whole new galaxy of dessert delights, from Caramel Sauce to Caramel Corn to Peanut Brittle to Candied Apples to Crème Caramel – and more!