Pizza Margarita DiFrancesco - © 400 gradi

This one is dear to my heart… Turns out that the one true ancestor of the Modern Pizza is my namesake – the simple, elegant, flavourful Pizza Margarita featuring Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil! And the story behind why is a really good one, linking me – however tenuously – to royalty!

Okay… I saw this whacko post on the Big Wide Web recently and had to share it with you. I’m usually against anything people do with food that’s just nutty, or is simply something to do just because it can be done. But I like this nutty idea for a couple of practical reasons…

What do I mean by that? As the kids today might text each other: “Like, everybody’s had a Bacon Burger, like millions of times, eh?” Not like the one I’m going to describe briefly in today’s post.. And I have to admit, it’s an improvement even on my standard two-meat masterpiece!

Classic Rhubarb Pie - © allrecipes

It’s coming… Really… Just be patient… In spite of the really hard winter we’ve just experienced in the U.S. Northeast and Eastern Canada, Rhubarb is wakening as we speak, to be the first crop we’ll harvest from our gardens once again this year. And there’s a ton of stuff you can do with it!

Seems there’s a shortage of Limes looming in the U.S. due to contrary weather in Mexico, where most of their Limes come from… And, as everybody knows, you can’t have Margaritas or Guacamole or Pico de Gallo without Limes, let alone a proper Cerveza Corona. So… Is summer ruined for millions?