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Expedition To Australia III: All Hail The Amber Nectar!

Who can think about Australian beverages and not immediately come up with a picture of the aforementioned Paul Hogan caressing a can of Foster’s Lager? That’s how North America was introduced to Fosters in here in 1972. But there’s much more to Aussie quaffs than that!

Aussie Craft Beers - © indshakesthebarley.wordpress.comJust a few of Australia’s many premium craft brews…

I’m sure millions of North Americans remember Hogan’s grinning face on TV commercials introducing Foster’s as ‘The Amber Nectar’. But there are dozens of other Australian brands, each with its own distinctive character and history. After that, of course, there are Australian wines known round the world.

On our menu today

Foster’s in now what’s known as an international beer, brewed and consumed in countries around the world. And it’s owned by InBev, ‘the world’s largest brewer’, that also owns other familiar brands including Budweiser and the other Anheuser Busch labels, Corona, Stella Artois, Michelob, Labatt’s Blue, Modelo and Patagonia. What we want to look at today are the beers that remain truly Australian. And we also want to tell the story of famous Aussie wines.


Toohey’s New: described by as, “a classic Aussie brand that is present at nearly every pub and BBQ party. It’s got a light aroma and smooth texture followed by subtle malt flavours.”

Coopers Original Pale Ale: Coopers has been brewing down under for 150 years and is still a mass favourite – partly because it’s the cheapest brew in Aus!

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Victoria Bitter: For ‘old school beer lovers’, this classic brew is the strongest beer in Australia and is famous for its robust flavour and bitter bite.

Cascade Draught: The oldest of all Aussie breweries, Cascade pumps out a wide range of beers, but it’s best known for its unique draught, “that goes down easy with its earthy flavour and refreshing sweetness.”

Craft Beers: Australia is home to dozens of craft beers, each with its own distinct character. Look for names like Yenda Pale Ale, Lucky Bay IPA, Little Creatures Pale Ale. There’s even a gluten-free brew: BrewDog Vagabond Pale Ale!

That’s just a very small sampling of Australia’s classic brews. You can visit for a month and enjoy a different premium quaff every day!


Wine is big in Australia. Really big. Almost as big as beer – but not quite! Wine is made in all parts of the country, but most famously in New South Wales, where cuttings from South African vines were first imported by British Admiral Arthur Philip in 1788. Today, Australia produces about 1.3 billion litres / 343.5 million U.S. gallons annually, and exports more than half that around the world.Do Aussies love their own wine? You bet, mate! Only 16.6 percent of the wine sold in the country is imported.

The major varieties grown include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Semillon, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc. Most of Australia’s wines are labelled as varietals, with a few specific exceptions.

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McGuigan Black Label Red: Australia’s largest-selling bottled wine, from the Hunter wine region, is renowned for its full flavour and smooth finish.

Top selling Aussie brands that are also available internationally:

Each of those brands exports multiple types and varietals. Look for them at a wine shop near you!

Non-alcoholic drinks

A report from this past June reveals that sales of non-alcoholic beverages are ‘exploding’ in Australian, at least partly as a result of altered consumption habits during the pandemic.

“More and more Aussies are saying no to hangovers. […] The popularity of non-alcoholic drinks has exploded in Australia and retailers are now scrambling to keep up with the demand. […] According to data from Endeavour Group, the parent company of BWS and Dan Murphy’s, sales of non-alcoholic drinks have increased more than 83 per cent in the past year.”

And that’s just alcohol-free wines and beers!

If you’re in Aus, be sure to visit a SansDrinks shop. It’s exclusively focused on alcohol-free beverages. Take a gander at for a taste of their wares. They’re a new-this-year chain, and they’re taking 0ff like a rocket.

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There are soft drinks, too, of course, and coffee and tea are fixtures in Australian daily life.

And that’s our tribute to Aussie slosh!

Thanks for coming along on our expedition to Australia this week! We’ll be back, trekking foreign lands in search of unique foods and drinks!

~ Maggie J.