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Sunday Musings: Peanut Butter Replaces Analyst?

If you have a Peanut allergy or sensitivity, go ahead and click over to something else. We’re going to muse on the recent ‘scientific’ finding, that your preference in Peanut Butter style can tell a skilled analyst a lot about your personality. All they need to know is whether you prefer creamy or crunchy…

A new survey shows Americans are truly passionate about their Peanut Butter!
It all started when Jif Peanut Butter commissioned a noted national polling company to ask folks a few choice questions about their PB preference in a survey preceding national Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day. I’d say the Jif people got more than their money’s worth!

What they did

Polling company One Poll asked 1,000 creamy PB lovers and 1,000 crunchy lovers for their opinions on a host of questions. (Answers were self-reported by participants and not independently confirmed by professional analysts.) The basic results are reported in a video (above).

Among the lesser results:

Sixty-three percent of all respondents even said they will pass on the peanut butter altogether if it’s not the kind they prefer.

When asked to reflect on their childhoods, the results showed creamy fans were teased more over their peanut butter preference than their crunchy counterparts growing up (47% vs. 28%).

Surprisingly, those who prefer creamy said they were more likely to be judged, as adults, for their preference than those who prefer crunchy – at 50% compared to 32%.

Fully 68% of creamy peanut butter fans said they’ve felt pressure to pick crunchy to fit in – compared to just 50% of crunchy fans.

And… Nearly half of all respondents said it would be a deal-breaker to find out their date is on the opposite side of the creamy vs. crunchy debate.

All-even on other key preferences

A strong majority of PB lovers agreed on one thing: A vast majority opined as Grape Jelly is strongly preferred over Strawberry as a companion for PB in a sandwich. And, to prove that their survey participants were not biased in general, the One Poll asked all 2,000 if they preferred cats to dogs and got a nearly perfect 50-50 split.

So… Do you agree?

Have you taken the poll yourself? Do you agree with its findings? If not, do you at least agree that the findings are plausible for the reported percentages of respondents? Do you judge others based on stuff like their peanut butter preference? How they like their eggs cooked (i.e.- sunnyside v.s.- over, or hard-boiled v.s. soft boiled?). How they prefer their potatoes prepared (i.e.- mashed, home-fried, French-fried, roasted or boiled?)

What other food-based comparisons could you see as being potentially as instructive as the perennial disputes over peanut butter styles? (Coke vs. Pepsi vs. RC, for instance?)

I’m currently musing over how ordinary, intelligent, educated people can be so ‘passionate’ over something like their choice of peanut butter style…


~ Maggie J.