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COVID-19 Experience: 2020 Imagined As A Burger…

I had a number of subjects I considered post-worthy after surveying my usual tip-sheet’ food new sources. But one took the cake as the overall most fun and – in a backward sort of way – one of the most creative. Burger King Brazil surveyed its fans on how they felt about the year 2020…

BK Brazil 2020 Burger - © 2020 Burger King BrazilThe BK Brazil 2020
Yah. I know. How could any such survey generate any outcome except a gloomy one? No question there. But when it’s worded in such a way as to result in some creepy-fun mash-ups and combos, who could resist filling out the questionnaire? And who could resist reading the results?

Here is the list of ‘gourmet’ ingredients: overcooked noodles, sardines, a chicken foot, thick caramel sauce, and Jell-O, served up on a burnt bun. Aughhhh… Gaaaaawd!

We all need some laughs…

We all need a few laughs, even if they are kind of dark and sarcastic. SO, before we reveal the results, take a few minutes to come up with some of your own answers to this intriguing question: “What would 2020 look like if it was a Burger?”


Okay. That’s enough.

In a country where poverty and hunger are endemic, and they even offered Summer Olympic guests a McDonald’s restaurant without Burgers on the menu, how ‘happy’ could the 2020 Burger recipe be?

Hope you didn’t just eat…

This video, just released on the BK Brazil You Tube channel, is regrettably available only in Portuguese (their national language). But the gestures and facial expressions by themselves get the message across in an indescribably stark way…

Anyway… BK – in any country you choose – has some really enticing real, true specials on right now. Just check the online menu… And be grateful they’re not planning on actually serving that… Thing. (I assume it has something to do with a shortage of Chicken feet…)

~ Maggie J.

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