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Canada Day Fun: French’s ‘Ketchups’ Oh, Canada!

This can’t wait for the day, itself. You’ll want to play the new rendition of Oh, Canada! – commissioned by French’s Ketchup and performed by Walk Off The Earth – as many times as you can find excuses to do so between now and July 1. What’s so great about the new version? One word: ORIGINALITY…


It may be the perfect accompaniment (or event launcher) for your Backyard Barbecue Canada Day celebration. How do I describe it? A cross between a true anthem (as our national tune has often been called) and a buoyant march, with a gleeful Reggae-like riff…

But that only scratches the surface…

Walk Off’s version features an ad hoc orchestra composed entirely of French’s Ketchup bottles, plus a pair of ukuleles and a big stainless steel kitchen mixing bowl full of Fries. You’ll enjoy watching what this crazy quartet can do with its minimalist instrumentation as much as you’ll love listening to its music. (Play video, above.)

Does that strike you as disrespectful? Inappropriately, overtly joyous? Downright un-Canadian? I thought so, too – before I played it for the first time.

French’s says, on its official Oh, Canada! Web page: “This take is intended to uplift and inspire each other from coast to coast while celebrating this national holiday – including supporting local brands and bands. Take a listen, make your favourite recipes and have the happiest of Canada Days!”

The overall impression? You’ll want to play it over and over again. It will make some want to break spontaneously into dance. Still others who thought they didn’t have rhythm will be surprised to discover they do!

What’s it all about?

French’s wants to be your official Canada Day Ketchup. Also Mustard (several dozen varieties featured in total). And they definitely don’t want you to forget to stock up on French’s famous Crispy Onion Burger and Casserole Toppers!

Almost as much fun as the music is the Canada Day Recipe Collection – almost 2 and a half dozen carefully curated suggestions from French’s Official Recipe Gallery – designed to help you plan the most original and energizing holiday menu you’ve ever served.

My take…

French’s wanted our attention and they got it. It’s just the latest effort by the U.S.-based company to prove that it really did mean to become a part of Canadian culture after its controversial takeover of the former Heinz Ketchup operation in Southwestern Ontario back in 2016.

As a major car rental company once said in its ads, “We’re number 2 and trying harder.” French’s has always been number 1 in Mustard in North America and, if their latest promo effort is any indication, they’ll soon be giving number 1 Heinz a run for its Ketchup money…

~ Maggie J.

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