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CNN Muses On Trump’s Eating Habits – In Vegetarian India

I guess everyone in the free world knows American President Donald Trump is visiting India, and CNN reporters are wondering what he’s going to find to eat there. President Trump is a dedicated Red Meat man but in predominantly Hindu India, most folks don’t eat Red Meat. On the other hand, a White House insider told CNN: “I’ve never seen him eat a vegetable.”

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The Trump team released an astonishing bit of news Sunday. The man whose supper preferences include Meatloaf, Steak and Hamburgers is going to be treated to a gala Vegetarian banquet tonight by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official presidential palace in Delhi. Modi, it turns out, is just as devoted to vegetarianism as Trump is to carnivorism. Things have been going pretty smoothly for Trump in India so far. But is a food fight in the offing later today?

Trump could always send out to McDonald’s…

Yes, there are McDonald’s Restaurants in India. But, no, they don’t serve the kind of Fast Food we and Trump are used to here in North America. According to an article at, McDonalds India serves no Red Meat at all, adhering to the prevailing religious taboo: “In terms of breakfast items, there are some options that are unique to the Indian McDonald’s menu such as the Veg McMuffin (with a Veggie Patty) and the McEgg (different from an Egg McMuffin because the Egg is steamed and flavored with Masala).

“The McDonald’s menu in India includes more vegetarian options and items inspired by Indian cuisine. Some of these options that are unique to Indian McDonald’s are the Veg Pizza McPuff, Maharaja Mac (choose veg or chicken), McAloo Tikki (potato patty), McSpicy Paneer (Cheese patty), and the Masala Grill Veg.”

Some menu items are the same, though. Trump might find solace in a late-night Chicken Burger or an order of Chicken McNuggets.

Interestingly, the SpoonU article notes: “In the U.S. there is one menu for McDonald’s. However, in India, there are two different menus: one for North and East India and one for South and West India. The menu for South and West India has some [different] options.” And these are two very different menus; not like the mostly-traditional McD’s menus with minimal regional variances we find in other foreign lands.

What’s on the menu tonight in Delhi?

The bill of fare for the grand banquet has been revealed: the Prime Minister’s Chefs are cooking up a Red Meat alternative called Raan Ali-Shana (Goat Legs marinated for 12 hours and then grilled). So there will be animal flesh on the menu for those so inclined. But what will Trump say about Goat? He’d better eat at least a little to be polite!

For starters, there will be Spicy Fish Tikkas, Aloo Tikki (Fried Potato Cakes) and Palak Papdi (Spinach Leaves deep fried in a Gram Flour Batter). Then comes Dal Raisina (a Lentil Stew, the signature dish of Rashtrapati Bhava) Lemon Coriander Shorba (Spicy Lentil Gravy), and Dum Guchi Matar (made with Morel Mushrooms), followed by Dum Gosht Biryani (Biryani Rice with chunks of Boneless Goat) and Deg Ki Biryani (Biryani Rice with Vegetables) for the vegetarians. Then, presumably, will come the Raan Ali-Shana.

Bon appétit, Mr. President!

~ Maggie J.