Fat Burrito - © Fast Bastard - Kingston

New Breakfast Routine: Supper Leftover Burritos!

I got up this morning and peered in the fridge for a breakfast idea, wondering if I’d have to start from scratch on something appropriate. Then I saw the leftovers from last night’s supper. And in seconds, I fully visualized my imminent feast: a Leftover Chicken Vindaloo Burrito!

Chicken Vindaloo Burrito - © seriouseats comA big, fat Chicken Vindaloo Burrito! Not just for Breakfast, either.
Note the variation using Curried Rice. Nice!

Erin wasn’t with us for supper last night, so I had a regular-sized serving of Vindaloo and Steamed Rice left over at the end of the meal. So, I covered it with plastic wrap and chucked it in  the fridge. And pretty much forgot about it.

This morning it was the first thing in there that met my gaze, and it got me thinking. “Breakfast Burritos are a thing,” I reasoned. “And I actually had an Egg and Texas Chili Burrito for breakfast, once. What’s so different about Spicy Indian food?”

What I did

I grabbed a couple of large (10 in. / 25 cm) Flour Tortillas and laid them out, overlapping horizontally by about 1/3 of their diameter, on the cutting board.

Then I spooned leftover Steamed White Rice onto the Tortillas in a lateral band about 8 in. / 20 cm long. This I worked into a 4 in. / 10 cm wide flat layer situated about 2/3 of the way from the top of the twinned Tortillas.

Onto that I spooned about half the dinner-sized serving of leftover Vindaloo and spread it evenly down the centre of the Rice, leaving about 3/4 in. / 2 cm of Rice clear at the top and bottom edges of the band. This is important to ensure that the Rice ‘liner’ seals onto itself when rolled, and no stray Vindaloo Juices get into the Tortilla, making it soggy and messy to eat.

As a final touch, I distributed about 1/2 cup / 125 ml of grated Cheddar, Mozz, or Monterrey Jack Cheese on top of the Vindaloo. I much prefer Mozz or Jack on this Burrito. Cheddar has a strong flavour that might fight with the Vindaloo.

Get rolling!

Then it came time time roll the thing. Roll it up exactly the same way you’d roll a conventional Burrito, starting by folding-in the sides in as far as the ends of the Rice liner.

Next, roll up the bottom edge of the overlapped Tortillas and keep rolling until it extends all the way up over the Filling band.

Now, place your hands around the bottom Tortillas like you were gripping the push handle of a very small shopping cart. Don’t squeeze too hard! Just curl your fingers under, tucking the edge of the Tortillas under the filling and compressing the filling into a uniform round log.

Finally, roll the Burrito up the rest of the way, until the upper edge of the twinned tortillas rolls underneath, out of sight. (See photo, top of page.)

To complete prep, place on a microwave-safe plate with the seam down and buzz for at least 1.5 minutes. That should ensure that the Cheese melts perfectly and the very centre of the Burrito log gets reheated to a safe temperature.

And that’s all there is to it…

I’ll regale you with additional Breakfast Burrito recipes in future. Stay tuned!

~ Maggie J.