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Food Sphere Oddities: A Gordon Ramsay Slot Machine?

I was stumped for something to base my Friday ‘send you off to the weekend smiling’ post until I started to scan my daily Food News feeds. Then it came to me: every time I clicked my mouse, a new oddball Food story came up. Here’s a compendium of my favourites…


Kraft Heinz says ‘Mac & Cheese is for lovers’

Kraft is running a Valentine’s Day contest for fans of its iconic boxed Mac & Cheese dinner. The connection is, Mac & Cheese is a fast, easy dinner for the kids on Valentines Day – not to mention that they love it. Kraft is giving away samples of their new Big Bowl Mac & Cheese product to contest winners so they can get the kids out of the way ‘fast and easy’ and get on with – er – getting it on. You read me right. Kraft brand has gone Kraft-Ebing.

“We know that kids might make “celebrating” Valentine’s Day a little…um…difficult. But this year, you can get a chance to win new microwaveable KRAFT Big Bowl Macaroni & Cheese before it hits stores nationwide. Ready in 3.5 minutes with more noodles and cheese, so you can get your kids fed, get ’em to bed, and get it on. Just fill out the form for a chance to win your kids a free KRAFT microwavable Mac & Cheese Big Bowl – PLUS some romantic goodies so you can get things nice and steamy out of the kitchen this Valentine’s Day.”

They don’t specify what ‘romantic goodies’ winners will receive, but I imagine they’ll be as steamy as this NSFW promotion, itself.

Gordon Ramsay to star in slot machine game

The King of Lose-Your-Cool in the Kitchen is going to star in a new online slot machine game based on his Hell’s Kitchen TV series.

A spokesperson for online game host and developer NetEnt says Ramsay is the perfect game character, thanks to his personality. And hr doesn’t look so bad as a caricature, either.

“Gordon Ramsay is a true rock star of the restaurant world. His strong personality and use of colorful vocabulary as front man of Hell’s Kitchen have earned him legend status as a multi-Michelin starred celebrity chef, with fans all over the world,” the spokesperson crowed. “Just as importantly, this allows us to produce a true slot with a strong narrative and a lot of adult fun! We can’t wait to see what our players think of what we have in store for them.”

Ramsay has multiple restaurtants in Las Vegas. We wonder how many will soon feature Hell’s Kitchen slot machines?

Insult tea cups a new thing for the POSH-not

They look and heft like real antique porcelain tea cups because they are, but each carries an insult you can tailor specifically to the unwelcome tea drinker in your chatty little circle.

Miss Hav Witch - © 2020 Miss Havershams CuriositiesXXX
With inscriptions inside, just under the rim, ranging from ‘Insignficant Other’ and ‘Not that pretty’ to ‘I hope you choke’ and ‘Kindly F*** off’, they’ll be the hit of any ‘tea’ party where you actually pour Bordeaux or Bourbon.

They range in price from (US)$60. to $150. Ten different messages cover the full gambit, from mere annoyance to outright disdain. Get them from Miss Haversham’s Curiosities.

Have a Happy weekend!

~Maggie J.