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Canadian Recall: Agropur Milk Products May Be Tainted

Agropur is a major Dairy cooperative operating across North America. Among their brands is the ancient and well-known Sealtest, a home kitchen staple for hundreds of thousands. Now, Agropur has issued a recall order for a number of pasteurized Milk products under a couple of brands…

Sealtest Agropur recall - © Sydenham CurrentThe Agropur Dairy products above are among those recalled in Ontario
and Quebec due to possible contamination at the plant.

According to The Canadian Press, the recall effects Sealtest Skim Milk, One Percent, Two Percent, and 3.25 Percent milk in various container sizes with best before dates of February 8, 2020, sold in Ontario and Quebec. Quebec’s L’ecole, c’est nourissant brand Two Percent Milk in 150 ml (single serving) cartons, also with the Feb. 8 best before date, is also included in the recall. L’ecole, c’est nourissant brand Milk is distributed as part of School Lunch programs.

A simple employee error

The problem stems from contamination by a sanitizing product used to clean Milk processing and packaging equipment between batch runs. If not thoroughly rinsed out of the system with fresh, clean water after the sanitizing process, residues of the chemical can get into the next batch of Milk.

Agropur says Milk tainted with sanitizer may not look or smell contaminated, but it could cause nausea, upset stomach or vomiting if consumed.

What to do

If you have a container of the effected Sealtest milk in your fridge, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says you should take it back to where you bought it for exchange or refund, or just pour it down the drain.

The CFIA says, so far, only one illness linked to the recall has been reported.

~ Maggie J.