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Fast Food Week: Quick Serve Resto And Snacks News!

We’re starting to see Valentine’s Day specials pop up in the Fast Food news. Pillsbury and Krispy Kreme are trumpeting new Pastries. There’s also movement on the Beverage front, with announcements from Dunkin’s and Mountain Dew. And a new survey shows how well the Fast Food Giants serve popular diets…

Arbys Crispy Fish & Cheddar - © 2020 ArbysArby’s Crispy Fish & Cheddar Sandwich.

Arby’s brings back Fish Sandwiches

They do it every year around this time – feature Fish Sandwiches, that is. For 20-20, Arby’s is offering both Fish and Fish and Cheddar on a Bun. The Crispy Fish Sandwich features a ‘Wild-caught Alaskan Pollack Filet’ topped with Iceberg Lettuce, and Tartar Sauce, on a toasted Sesame Seed bun. The Cheddar version adds Arby’s signature Cheddar Cheese Sauce, from the Beef and Cheddar Sandwich. There’s also a King’s Hawaiian Fish Sammy uses real Cheddar Cheese instead of Sauce, and adds Tomatoes, on a toasted King’s Hawaiian Bun. If the usual pattern holds, these Fish Sammys will be around until after Lent.

Mountain Dew goes Sugarless

The brand that has always – until now, at least – been proud to say it’s got lots of sugar in it is launching a new variant of its flagship Beverage, Regular Mountain Dew. Starting this coming Monday, you’ll be able to get what they’re calling ‘Mtn Dew’, a totally Sugar-free take on the iconic Soft Drink. The new drink is sweetened with a combination of Acesulfame potassium, Aspartame and Sucralose. Those who’ve tried it say the flavour is even bolder than the original, and chain reps say the new Sugarless Dew may be even better…

Dunkin’s adding Oat Milk Latté

Dunkin’s is adding Oat Milk Latté to its premium Beverage line. The quaff is available free, to taste, at selected California outlets but will soon be available at all Dunkin’s stores. You can order it Hot or Iced. The menu addition is seen as a response to the recent rollout of Oat Milk Beverages at Starbuck’s.

Cheetos débuts Flamin’ Hot Popcorn

Cheetos, it seems, can’t go more than about six weeks without releasing a new product – or at least a new flavour. To kick off 2020, the Doritos sister brand is introducing Flamin’ Hot Popcorn and Flamin’ Hot Cheddar Cheese Popcorn.

Krispy Kreme adds Mini Doughnuts

KK is adding mini versions of its most popular varieties to the menu for a limited time. The timing suggests it’s a Valentine’s Day promo, but the chain insists it’s serving up smaller Doughnuts to help its fans with their New Year’s diet resolutions. And KK says Minis will be a new permanent menu item. They come in Original Glazed, Chocolate Ice Glazed, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, and Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles.

Pillsbury brings back Pink Cinnamon Rolls

It’s still fast Food if it’s one of Pillsbury’s ‘whack it, bake it, eat it’ pastries in a can. Now, a beloved Valentine’s Day favourite, Strawberry Cream Cinnamon Rolls are back and it appears they’ll be available on a regular basis year round. They’re part of the ‘Grands’ line.

NetQuotes Insurance Rates Fast Food Special Diet Items

NetQuotes, the online insurance quotes website, surveyed the most popular Fast Food Joints in an effort to determine which one offers the most menu items catering to a specific popular diet.

NetQuotes Fast Food Fits - © NetQuotes comThe end result of the survey: No franchise was entirely absent from any diet category…

They came up with a hodge-podge of results (above), which ended up showing which Fast Food brand you should favour according to your current diet. You might be surprised!

~ Maggie J.