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Today Is National Taco Day: And Anything Goes!

Anything goes in a Taco, I hasten to clarify. I haven’t found anything (that’s not mainly liquid like Soup or Stew, that is) that can’t be dressed up in a Tortilla Shell with Lettuce and Grated Cheese, and celebrated as a Taco. To get you in the mood, let’s take a quick look at some of the crazier Tacos I’ve made…

Spaghetti Tacos - © foodiecrush.comSpaghetti and Meatballs Taco, above, is one way to make a Leftover dish look
and taste like something else entirely. You can also put almost
any kind of Asian or Indian Food into a Taco Shell
over Rice to create an instant hit!

At first, you may think, “The old girl has finally has gone Bananas. What could one possible think of to put in a Taco that hasn’t already been put in a Taco?” Well, here goes…


I’ve made cold luncheon Tacos by stuffing both Corn and Wheat Tortilla Shells with Potato, Egg, Chicken and Tuna Salad. Salmon Salad is also very good… You can simply dress the Salad with Cheese (your choice, with a complementary flavour) and Shredded Lettuce. But I’ve also added a dusting of Ancho Chili Powder and some finely chopped Fresh Garlic to get the Taco ‘feel’ going. Experiment!

Check out the leftovers…

Here’s a chance to use up some leftovers from your last big family feast and serve something hot and tasty that folks will find fun and not too much like a rerun of the big meal.

One of my favourites is Turkey Dressing mixed with shredded Turkey, Kernel Corn and Green Peas – all leftover. Stuff the mixture into warmed Corn Taco Shells and top with Shredded Cheese. Microwave for a few seconds until the stuffing is heated through and the Cheese has melted, then top with Sour Cream and Lettuce just before serving.

You can also go Vegetarian or even Vegan to your heart’s content by using leftover Veggies, or combinations of same, in Tacos, and topping with Lettuce alone. If meeting Vegetarian or Vegan standards is not a concern, add Cheese. There’s a Cheese to go with any flavour under the sun. Experiment! Eat these ones hot and prepare as with Turkey Dressing version, above.

I’ll bet you’ve seen ‘recipes’ and Fast Food ads for Burritos and Wraps which include starches such as Beans, Rice and Potatoes. No problem, there. But I draw the line at Mashed Potatoes. No, nay, never in a Taco! Anyway, you can always spoon some leftover Casserole Filling or even thick Stew over a starch in a Taco for a tasty, filling lunch. Just don’t re-heat the Filling/Stew before assembling the Taco and Microwave only until the Filling is heated through, and the Cheese on top melts.

Leftover Burger Patties and Toppings also make great ‘encore’ Tacos. Use your imagination…

Everyday eats presented in new ways…

Kids will love a Hot Dog Taco, with all the usual Dog Toppings and Condiments – even Chili if you have some. Dice the Hot Dogs in about 1/2 in. / 1 cm cubes and start with them in the bottom of the Taco Shell, building the other ingredients up from there. Put lots of Cheese on top, Microwave, and dress with Lettuce. Even picky eaters will come back for seconds!

You can also give ’em Hot Dog Tacos topped with Kraft Dinner or Leftover Mac ‘N Cheese. This is a particularly yummy combo!

If your award-winning Scrambled Eggs are starting to draw ho-hum sighs from your dining audience, try using them as the base for breakfast Tacos topped with Bacon Crumbles, Pico de Gallo, Cheese and Lettuce. Add the Pico and Lettuce after Microwaving the Tacos just enough to melt the Cheese and re-warm the Eggs. Try mixing diced Peppers and Onions into the Eggs if you have no Pico in the fridge.

Getting the idea?

There are lots of ways to use leftovers and other odd ingredients you have around the fridge and pantry in creative, delectable Tacos. What better time than National Taco Day to get started on your Incredible Taco Journey?

~ Maggie J.