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For a Limited Time Only: How To Find Fast Food Deals

Tomorrow is Saturday, and that means the Fab Food Blog will be devoted once again to its weekly rundown of the top Specials and novelties from the major players in the Quick Service Resto and Snacks world. But today, I’m going to tip you to how to check on The State of the Deals anytime…

BK Whopper Meal - © Burger KingThe original Meal Deal: A Big Mac, Fries and Medium Drink.

It seems as though the Fast Food industry has transformed itself into something akin to what the TV industry did in the 1980s and 90s. The TV people invented the Mini Series to attract the intense focus of viewers, albeit for a limited time. If a mini series was a hit, it was carried on in sequels, for which fans waited with bated breath as new story arcs and episodes were generated. If interest failed to meet some pre-set minimum level, the concept was left to quietly allowed to run its course and quickly forgotten.  Same with the hit-and-miss novelty Burgers, Sandwiches and other menu items we see all the time, now, ‘available for a limited time only’. The best ones come back annually or on longer-timeline rotations as required to keep a chain’s menu ‘fresh’.

Sure, you first heard about a coming Fast Food Meal Deal or the return of a beloved limited time special here at the FFB. But then, it faded from your mind as quickly as a dream upon waking. What good is that? And how frustrating! How do you keep them all straight?

Well, there is a way to stay abreast of Fast Food deals and specials, and check to see what’s current, anytime…

Just a click away…

Just about every major Fast Food chain has a page somewhere on their website devoted to mouthwatering photos of their current new menu items and limited-time specials. Here’s a rundown of where the major players list their deals:

The websites of the US ‘head office’ operations of all the brands have their own specials and Deals pages many of which promote test marketing promos and other such ephemerera of the ‘limited time only’ marketing régime.

Coupons and Mobile App Deals

Most major players have instituted smart phone ordering and launched appropriate Apps. And most are still running specials and deals available only to those who order via their app. These often involve downloading and/or printing out a coupon. Hence, many of these deals are offered on separate pages labelled ‘Coupons’.

French Deals?

Oui. All major Canadian Fast Food chains have French versions of their websites, which mirror their English language Deals, Specials and Coupon pages.

International Deals?

The major players all have region-differentiated websites featuring menus and specials catering specifically to the other countries in which they operate. Menus and special alike can be quite different from those we’re used to here in North America.

Even though Canada and the US sit side by side on the map and share many of the same tastes and expectations about Fast Food, their regional specials and Deals can be quite different in any given week.

So, there you have it…

Bookmark the specials and deals of your favouite Fast Food brands, and never be disappointed by sudden unexpected disappearance of a special or Deal again!

~ Maggie J.