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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Resto And Snacks News…

It’s Sandwich Special season at the big players: Subway and Popeye’s add new offerings while Arby’s brings back slightly tweaked versions of old faves. Krispy Kreme appears to be enjoying a run on its new filled Classic Doughnuts, and M&Ms has unveiled its 2019 Flavour contest winner…

Subway Beyond Meat Meatball Sub - © 2019 SubwayArby’s Meatless Meatball Sub: ‘Beyond Meat’ Meatballs with Mozz and Marinara…

Subway tests new ‘Meatless’ Meatball Sub

You may have guessed that Subway has partners with one of the big Plant Protein Meat substitute makers on this one. It’s Beyond Meat, and will share the menu with the traditional Subway Meatball Sub for as limited-time release at 685 participating outlets across Canada and the U.S. The company insists the new Meatless Meatball Sub (see photo, above) tastes, looks and boasts the mouth feel of its real-Meat counterpart, but diners will be the judges of that. I’m wondering if the Sandwich will actually come from the warming oven with 4 full-sized Meatballs per 6-incher as the official ad photo suggests, or just 4 half-meatballs. Subway is already generous with the Veggies, but over the past decade or so has become very stingy with the Meat…

Arby’s teams Bourbon and BBQ for summer

The guys who boast: ‘We Have The Meats!’ are offering an interesting flavour combo: BBQ teamed with Bourbon. Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches are back – for the usual limited time only – in either Turkey or Brisket topped with Kentucky Bourbon Barbecue Sauce, Brown Sugar Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and Crispy Onions, on an Arby’s premium ‘Star-cut’ Bun. The Stack (see photo, top of page) has a little bit of everything, including Smoked Ham, Smoked Brisket and a Crispy Fried Buttermilk Chicken Fillet, topped with Brown Sugar Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and Crispy Onions, on the same ‘Star-cut’ Bun.

Sonic Brings back Phillie Cheese Steaks

You can get ’em in 6-inch and Extra-Long sizes, and both feature Grilled Steak, Onions and Mayo, topped with Cheese Sauce on a Hot Dog-style Bun. Apparently, you can get it by itself or as part of a combo with a medium order of Tots. It’ll be around for a limited time only, we assume, like the footlong version was last year.

Popeye’s adds a Chicken Sandwich

As one foodie whose online musing I recently read said, you’ve probably assumed Popeye’s has, or has had a Chicken Sandwich on its menu at one time or another. But no. They’ve resisted toe urge to follow the trend set by almost every other Fried Chicken joint under  the sun  – until now. After months of testing in very select markets, the new Chicken Sandwich débuts this coming Monday across the chain. It’s s pretty simple combo of crispy Fried Chicken Breast and Pickles on a pretty standard bun. Nothing really new or notable there – but nothing anybody would quibble about, either…

Krispy Kreme offers a pair of Reese’s-inspired ‘fillies’

‘Fillies’ is what I’m calling KK’s new regular round Doughnuts with Creme fillings. And the latest round to hit the cooling racks is a duo glazed and filled à la Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. One is filled with Chocolate Creme and glazed with Peanut Butter Icing and the other has the Peanut Butter stuff in the centre and Chocolate on top. As with so many great ideas in the Fast Food world, its a limited-time offering, with no set closing date.

M&Ms announces winner of 2019 Flavour Contest

The winner of this year’s New Flavour contest is… English Toffee Peanut. The Salted Caramel selection ran against Mexican Jalapeno Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut in a internationally-themed competition this spring. I’d go for any of the three, if I still ate a lot of Candy. You can find them at your usual M&Ms source from coast to coast, or order them online at

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to make the rest of us a little fatter over the next month or so. See you back here in 7 for another edition of Fast Food News!

~ Maggie J.

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