The Hut's Cheesy Bites Pizza - © Pizza Hut

Fast Food Week! Quick Service Resto And Snacks News…

It’s Saturday, again, and time for another rundown on the biggest announcements from the biggest players. This week, movie collaborations for Burger King and Doritos, menu collaborations for KFC, Krispy Kreme updates a Classic, and Domino’s tests robot delivery of its take-out menu…

Driverless PH delivery vehicle - Pizza HutThe custom Nuro N2 driverless Domino’s delivery
vehicle: On test in the Houston area now.

KFC launches Cheetos Chicken chain-wide…

I thought KFC had gone a little over the edge when it announced it was test marketing a Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. But there seems to be no limit to what folks will embrace when Cheetos are involved. The Sammy consists of a boneless Chicken Breast atop a pile of Cheetos, doused in a special Cheetos Sauce made by Frito Lay. It’ll be available all through the month of July.

… Micro-tests New Cheetos collaborations

Alongside the Cheetos Chicken limited-time release, KFC will run what I’m calling a micro-test-market of some other experimental Cheetos collaborations including: a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and KFC Cheetos Hot Wings. The trick is, the Manhattan KFC Pop-Up Resto where this event will take place during the right 4-hour period on June 27. That’s all the exposure the new menu items will be getting – for now.

Pizza Hut brings back Cheesy Bites

Remember the Cheesy Bites Pizza (see photo, top of page), with the ring of 28 Cheesy stuffed crust Bites round the edge? It’s back at The Hut for the summer and it’s as Cheesy as ever. Need we say more?

Burger King’s ‘Stranger King’ promo actually kinda cute

BK has partnered with hit Netflix limited series Stranger Things to promote the show’s upcoming new season début. The resto chain is offering a novel, toungue-in-cheek Upside Down Whopper. It’s really just a regular Whopper turned on its head, but the idea is cute. And I like the message the chain Tweeted to announce the promo:

“The Upside Down Whopper will technically only be available at 11 Burger King locations across the country, but if you’re savvy enough, you can probably figure out how to make one on your own.”

The Upside Down Whopper will be on the menu at 11 select BK locations only across the U.S., for one day – June 21. Check the BK website for a list. Tie-in merchandise will also be available.

Doritos partners with new Spidey flick

Doritos is offering a very special edition version, Incognito Doritos, as part of a very limited promo collaboration with the producers of the new Spider Man movie, Spider Man: Far From Home. The trick is, there is no actual edible stuff involved. hat looks like a real Doritos Bag will actually contain a fold-out ‘official replica’ of the black and red Spidey suit featured in the film. Another trick is, there are only 15 suits to give out, and you can only get one by responding to “Tell us what super power Doritos gives you!” using @Doritos with the hashtags #IncognitoDoritos #Entry via Twitter, between June 19 and June 30. The winner will be determined by a random drawing. And a special suit package will be up for bids at eBay until this coming Thursday. The current bid was just over (US)$4,000.00 when this post was written. whole promo benefits the Capes for Kids charity.

Krispy Kreme now filling its classic Glazed Donuts with Creme

KK is stuffing it’s classic Glazed Doughnuts with Classic Vanilla Cream and new Chocolate Cream. The Filled Classic is going to be a regular menu item, too; not just a limited time special. You can get your first one free at any KK location on June 22.

Domino’s to test driverless Pizza delivery

The pilot project is set to go in the Houston area, where the Nuro N2 robotic delivery vehicle (see photo, above has been on test, itself, since this past March. You can only get Nuro delivery if you place an online order. But you’ll also get a tracking app to let you follow your Pie’s progress at no extra charge.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s making some of us fatter these days. Back in even with another edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.