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Fast Food Week! Quick Service Resto And Snacks News…

Another seven days have sped by in a blur. Is it an indication that life is getting back up to speed after a sluggish Winter? We hope so. Now, let’s run down the crème de la crème of the week’s ‘guilty treat’ news, featuring announcements from McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Sonic…

The Real Dill - © 2019 ElsiesThe Real Dill: Elsie’s House Special ‘Sandwich’…

McD’s lives and learns about late-night

A fair number of McDonald’s locations are now open after midnight, and the chain has had ample experience with the ‘late shift’ on which to base it’s latest menu modification. Turns out some of the items being pounders, Chicken McNuggets, All-Day Breakfast, Fries and other Sides, Sweets and Treats, Happy Meals (although, who would bring their kid to McD’s in the middle of the night?) along with McCafé and other Beverages. Oh! Just remembered: Older folks often sleep lightly and eat lighter. Many will often order a Happy Meal for themselves. And, I presume, save the toy or book in the box for the grand kids…

Taco Bell throws in the Burrito

You can get a free Baked Breakfast Burrito from Taco Bell now through May 11 – with any order you make via the Bell’s online portal or the smart phone app. You choose the flavour. You can also get 15 percent off any online or phone-app Party Pack order through June 8.

Baskin Robbins partners with OREO

Seems just about everybody these days wants to partner with OREOs for promo clout. BR has introduced new OREOs ‘n Caramel Ice Cream as its Flavour of the Month for April. You can also ‘Make It Amazing (swap out the regular cone for a specialty Waffle Cone and a dry topping of your choice) for ‘just $1 more’.

Krispy Kreme does Easter with good old standbys

The Doughnut giant is offering classic Easter-themed Doughnuts (photo at top of page) featuring likenesses of Chicks, Bunnies and decorated Eggs. They’re all creme-stuffed with different complementary fillings. And there’s also a regular Doughnut that’s dipped in Chocolate and splashed with Sprinkles. Get em at participating locations everywhere, until Easter.

Sonic serves up Energetic Slushies

The Burger joint with the hedgehog mascot has pulled off another sly first, partnering with Red Bull to create Energy Drink Slushies. Red Bull Slush marries Sonic’s existing lineup of frozen beverages and blends them with Red Bull into it. You can get your ice-cold jolt in two flavours: Cherry and Limeade. And you can add flavour shots of your choice to snazz them up further. Until April 29, you’ll be able to get the supercharged Slushies as well as regular cans of Red Bull at all Sonic locations.

…And the craziest Sandwich idea I’ve seen yet!

Are you the customer who always wants an extra Pickle with your Deli Sandwich? Want a Sandwich that doesn’t rely on Bread to hold everything together? Elsie’s Pickles restaurant in New Jersey suggests its The Real Dill, the house special. It’s an array assorted Deli Meats, Cheeses and Toppings stuffed between two halves of a cored-out giant Pickle. At first, when I saw this thing on Facebook, I thought it was just another hokey gimmick. But then I admitted I wanted one, right then, even though it was Breakfast time. The idea grows on you, and fast! Anybody could make these at home. But you’d have to make your own Pickles – like Elsie’s does – to get them that big…

And that’s the skinny…

…On what’s threatening to make som e of us fatter this week. See you in seven for more QSR and Snacks headlines here at Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.

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