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Green Tea May Help Fight Obesity, Other Ills

For some unknown reason (I don’t believe in coincidences), Green Tea has been in the experimental spotlight at universities around the world lately. But that’s a good thing, because the news coming out of recent studies shows that Green Tea may be the key to a longer, leaner, mentally sharper life…

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Promoting a sound body…

A team at Ohio State University carried out mouse-based studies aimed at showing the effects of Green Tea on the gut bacteria and, by association, subjects’ tendencies to develop inflammation related disorders such as heart disease and obesity. What they found was a direct beneficial link between Green Tea and better physical health.

Mice were fed a high-fat diet for eight weeks. Half of them received a daily dose of Green Tea Extract while the other half received nothing extra. At the end of the trial, the mice that got the Green Tea Extract had gained 20 percent less weight than the mice that did not get Green Tea. In addition, the mice who got the Green Tea showed lowered Insulin resistance compared to the other group.

One potential drawback to the average person implementing ‘Green Tea Therapy’ is that the amount of Tea Extract given to0 the next mice translates top about 10 cups a day of regular Green Tea. That might be a lot for some folks to stomach. But the study’s lead author Dr. Richard Bruno maintains it’s not an impossible target.

“It might seem like a lot of tea, but it’s not highly unusual in certain parts of the world,” he said, referring to the traditional high consumption of Green Tea in China and Southeast Asia.

…And a sound mind

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Southern California say their research into Green Tea has revealed a positive link between consumption of the beverage and the control – perhaps even the reversal – of dementia.

Researchers gave mice prone to develop dementia supplements of two compounds found in Green Tea for a period of three months. At the same time, they raised a parallel group of mice who were not prone to develop dementia.

“After three months, combination treatment completely restored working memory and the Alzheimer’s mice performed just as well [on maze tasks] as the healthy comparison mice,” Dr. Terrence Town, the study’s Senior Author, said.

The best new of all is that folks can start using Green Tea now to help stay mentally sharp.

“You don’t have to wait 10 to 12 years for a designer drug to make it to market; you can make these dietary changes today,” said Town. “I find that very encouraging.”

My take…

After hearing about the results of these two studies on the benefits of Green Tea, who wouldn’t want to try it? Another benefit: Green Tea is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Or, you can get Green Tea supplements online or at your local Dietary Supplements store.

~ Maggie J.