Shamrock Shake 2019 - © 2019 McDonalds

Fast Food Week! Quick Service Resto News…

Here we are at the end of the snowiest week of this winter so far in the World’s Coldest Capital. And the major players in the Quick Service Resto (QSR) sector are bringing back something you loved before, or in recent marketing tests. I guess you could call it ‘Nostalgia Week’…

Ultimate Cheesy Crust - © 2019 Pizza HutThe Ultimate Cheesy Crust is back at Pizza Hut.

‘Doughnut Fries’ War officially declared!

McDonald’s is officially adding Donut Sticks to its breakfast menu for a limited time starting February 20. They’ll be available across the chain. We reported a few weeks ago in this space that Donut Sticks were probably ‘coming soon’ in response to the addition of ‘Donut Fries’ to Dunkin’s menu late last year. Whatever you call them, they’re both sticks of deep-fried Dough tossed in Cinnamon Sugar. McD’s not only meets Dunkin’s offering nost to nose, but ups the ante serving-wise, offering 6- an 12-stick orders, compared to Dunkin’s 5- and 10-stick orders.

McDonald’s gears up for St. Paddy’s Day

McD’s no sooner got past Valentines Day than it subbed into its lineup the first of its anticipated St. Patrick’s Day specials, with the return of the legendary Shamrock Shake. Get yours at participating locations until, March 24. This grandaddy of the limited time specials was first introduced in 1970 and has probably stood the test of time more robustly than any other seasonal Fast Food Offering.

Panera to launch ‘Double Bowls’ nationwide

We also reported last year that Panera Bread was testing a Double Bowl Bread Bowl menu item. It must have scored with diners because they’re offering it across the chain funtil February 20. You can get any combination of Panera Soups or Pastas in the two bowls for (US)$9.99.

Pizza Hut brings back Ultimate Cheesy Crust

And this offer, too, is for a limited time only, at participating locations. If you don’t remember it, the Cheesy Crust Pizza features a unique crenelated crust with pockets all around the edge containing a blend of Mozzarella, Provolone, White Cheddar, Asiago, and Fontina cheeses. The idea is, you pull off the bite-sized pockets to eat separately, or as an ‘appetizer’ before the main Pizza.  As before, you can get the Ultimate Cheesy Crust with almost any combination of toppings.

Taco Bell partners for delivery

The Bell has sealed a deal with Grub Hub for delivery of its wares across the U.S. In fact, the Taco Bell online o90rdering app now incorporates the Grub Hub delivery option so you’ll get your food faster and hotter. And, thanks to a limited time promotion, you can get free delivery of any Taco Bell order over $12. Go to this website to see if Grub Hub Taco Bell delivery is available in your neighbourhood.

KitKat fans in for a real treat

KitKat Ice Cream Drumsticks are here. They’re an ‘upgrade’ of regular Drumsticks based on the same Waffle Cone, Chocolate Dip and ice cream ‘ball’. But this time, the Ice Cream is dipped in Chocolate swimming with KitKat chunks. I wasn’t aware, until now, that there was any way to improve the traditional Drumstick!

And that’s the skinny…

…On what’s going to be making some of us fatter this coming week. Back in seven with another edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.